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A few questions.

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Hey guys,

First of all-- I love the server so far. I've had a few interactions and - while very nervous about voice RP at first - I had a blast. Everybody was helpful and it was so good to RP in DayZ without fearing KoS. 

So a few questions.:

- Is streaming allowed on the server, or is that a preffered or definite 'no' due to streamsnipers and metagaming problems it could cause?
- Is there also text RP? Besides emotes, I mean! I've only seen some voice RP thus far and my girlfriend is planning on getting the game to join us but she's very nervous about RPing in voice as she never has before.
- One of our friends tried to join and was automaticaly blacklisted (not due to a VAC ban). He says he talked to somebody and was told he couldn't apply for a whitelist for three months, though he claimed to have apologized for any wrongdoings. Is this definite, or is there some other way to appeal this? Just wondering if I can get another friend in the server and maybe find him in the world one day!
- Is there rules on basebuilding? I saw some around the world but don't know if there was any rules about it, I checked the FAQ.

Thank you for  your time and help! Hope to see y'all ingame!
With kind regards,

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2 minutes ago, Samti-RP said:


1. Streaming is alowed and if you add "Dayzrp.com" at the beginning of your title you get put on the home page of the website
2. TextRP is an option as some people already do so ingame HOWEVER we prefer if user used voice

3. He's probobly going to have to make a support ticket which you find here or send an email to the dayzrp mail. IF he has the option he can appeal

4. You are not alowed to abuse game mechanics and everything has to seem realistic (so no floating buildings etc), their has to be a way in and only place mines and other deployable weapons inside your walls but NOT at your main entrance as that might cause you to kos somebody you are inviting in.

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I can answer most of those questions.

Streaming is allowed, if you think someone metagamed you via your stream you can always report them.
TextRP is also a thing on the server. Although most people just use VoIP.
Basebuilding is allowed, just try not to make one in militairy places.

That 3rd one your friend would have to check on another staffmember, those are not my call to make.

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when it comes to the vac ban your friend has it needs to be older then 365 days befor he can appeal it

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Nah, it isn't a VAC ban as I said. 🙂 I saw what he said in the dayzRP Discord and I imagine he won't be back, so  no worries about that! 

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