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Harsher punishments

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Do the staff have plans to make punishments harsher for false reports, lying in a report and people crying wolf? 

Ive seen a few reports pop up as of late that seem to be just out of pure spite and hate on an OOC side.


On 11/5/2019 at 2:42 PM, Burak said:

However after report it got calm down.At least it worked a bit i guess.....


Above is a prime example of reporting just on and OOC level and a break of the 2.4 rule.

Do the staff not think maybe it’s time to think about raising the punishments on such offences and this even goes for “constant attacks” it goes both ways to try and stop such reports and instances 


@Roverthats not what I asked, nor what I asked for so please read what I suggested and allow the admins to respond with they’re answer, rather then given me a condescending generic answer to a genuine question I wanted to put forward please.

Do staff plan to increase punishments for said reports? Or would they be up for debating the restructure of points/bans/punishments for breaking rules.

@Roland @JimRP @Voodoo @Randy @Saunders

thank you 


@Roland thank you for asking the question I actually asked, thank you

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All punishments are standard, and posted here. False reports are 7 days and 10-15 warning points, standard.

Any form of aggravation or lessening of the punishment due to extenuating circumstances is handled case by case by the team of staff members reviewing the specific case.

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No, we have no plans to make standard punishments harsher for false reports. There is no reason to, since they happen very rarely.

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