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Install BattlEye Crash

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I've had this problem for the last couple of days, I run Dayz with the vanilla launcher, get to the point where I'm loading in the game and I'm then faced with a pop-up from BattlEye to install.
I've installed it tried to re-launch and it does the same thing every time.


I have no crash messages when the game randomly closes as you can see.

Steps I have tried:

  • Uninstalling Battle eye from my computer and all residual files and reinstalling them.
  • Uninstalled DayZ and re-installed it tried on both C-Drive and D-Drive, restarting pc after each step.
  • Located all battle eye files and gave them admin in the compatibility tab.
  • Located every battle eye files and checked for any restrictions in the security tab.
  • Checked my firewall settings to see if it is blocking the file and also allowed all Dayz files through the firewall.
  • Done an SFC scan via command prompt in admin to check for any corrupted files.
  • Check for any new updates via Windows update.
  • Deleted the file C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DayZ\DayZ_BE.exe and then followed up with verifying the integrity of the files via steam properties, after doing this i launch the game and I am faced with this:



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I had this problem and restarting my PC was the thing that fixed it 🤔

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The last time this happend was in 1.03 (i'm not sure where we are in updates) and the only fix that seemed to be possible was to report it to the Devs and wait until they release a fix

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have u tried deleting the dayz folder from my documents after uninstalling dayz?

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