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Requesting logs


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So I was in Orlovets around 5 AM my time. GMT+1
I was currently running through the town, killing zombies as my character does. I was on radio frequency with my group. I went to tab out to check my map. When I tabbed back in I was dead with 4 cuts and all my blood was gone. I know for a fact that a zombie cannot kill you that fast in less than 2 minutes so I'm suspecting it is a player. I'd like to request logs to check if my suspicion is true.
All of the doors in the house that I was in were closed so a zombie could not get in unless it glitched through the ground, and there also was no zombies around me at the time.
Anyways thanks in advance.

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The most efficient and fastest way to request logs would be to head into the waiting for staff help discord chat to speak to one of our trusty Support Team members and they'll get in touch with one of the Gamemasters to check the logs for you. Unfortunately as of right now we do not have any Gamemasters online but I will go ahead and get those logs pulled for you and privately message them to you via the website.

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