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S1 Meta Gaming Ban appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: I do not think the verdict for myself is fair because It is at the very most in that report inconclusive as to if I was double micing or not. I do not believe there was enough evidence for the GM's to ban me without some sort of doubt because their is no clear cut evidence of me not double mic throughout the situation.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: So as the GM points out the statue clip of not being able to hear me as well as not specifying any other time in the video but just says it happens, I was banned I believe for that clip alone of me calling out im behind statue. The thing that is wrong with it is that I do call it out but while in gunfight I am on whisper so that enemies cant hear me yelling and giving callouts because if they hear it then they will be able to use that info so I use whisper to minimize that damage. The only time in that clip that you can say I meta game is when I say to drop the shit off their bodies or else it will despawn which I did not think would be appropriate in game. The only reason I did't say something else that would fit in game is because there was 2 minutes until server restart (1 minute cause it restarts at 1) so I didn't really think of anything else to say but beside the point, thats after the situation is over and its not even something that benefits anyone in game. As said before, saying that in game would not have been appropriate.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ban Lifted and Points Removed

What could you have done better?: Given a different call out for when I say to drop the shit off the bodies before they de spawn aswell as I guess talk in normal during gunfights


Edit On to why the verdict is not fair:  To clarify, there is never once in there that seth is close enough to hear me at a whisper


Second edit: I did make an oopsie. When I say throw shit off bodies or it will despawn I say above that it was after situation but upon furthur review, It was not and aswell the timing was off. Either way still very little amount of time and I didn't think of anything else to say that I could say in game.

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Hello @MasonnWB,

After testing the voip range of whisper by me and my fellow staff member @Saunders in game, we have come to the conclusion that what you are claiming could in fact be true and as so your appeal will be accepted, with that being said I will remind you that all ic information should be spoken in game, as well as your third party communications when in the presence of other players.


Signed @Realize @Hofer

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