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A Message from Anarchy by Redwood Radio


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A strong signal broadcast breaks the static

Dear Listeners. This broadcast is brought to you on the request of Anarchisty so please pay attention.

This is a really strange broadcast to make for myself but yesterday I had the 'pleasure' of meeting with a Gentleman called Dimitri from the anarchist group at our radio station in Altar. While my colleagues hid behind our brick walls, I went out to face Mr Dimitri, in the parking lot outside. To my surprise he was actually a really nice gentleman and once we got our initial awkwardness out of the way we came to an arrangement. Our part of the arrangement was to inform our listeners that the group calling themselves ….<he pauses for a second while he reads his notes>… Anarchy …. Did I get it right this time cowboy?, I did….ok great, sorry….. the group calling themselves Anarchy are not dead, nor have they run away and are still very much alive and functioning in the town of Stary Sobor.

To my surprise, while a couple of my friends managed to upset Mr Dimitiris colleague, I was not shown any harm or ill intent and was allowed to keep my gun and property. It appears I may have been a little hasty in my judgement of these people and I apologise, although I did see some strong aggression towards a couple of my colleagues which was fair as this was shown both ways.

I cant say we will be exchanging Christmas cards but I would open an invitation to them if they need a refuel or rest at our station anytime they wish. However, that insurance guy can shove his policy firmly up his arse.

I hope this message reaches our listeners strong and clear. PS… if anyone has a driver side red BMW door, im sure Dimitri would be grateful.

This is Father David, alive and well, signing off.

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