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Izak Dvorak (Hello...?)

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*Izak would hold down his PTT settling in the western woods of South Zagoria*

"Dobry Den, I've been wandering the woods for awhile now and I believe it is time I come out of hiding"

"Are there any major chernarussian owned areas of South Zagoria anymore?"

"It seems the majority of remaining survivors are tourists or foreigners, not that anything is wrong with that, I'd just like to re connect with my people"

*Izak would release his PTT awaiting a response*

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*Nikolai would make sure that Jonah is not around listening to him. Then, he presses the PTT and whispers on the radio*

Sir, Chernarus is dead. Not even the trees would call this land by its former name anymore.

*He pauses*

The last truly Chernarussian town is... hidden. If you ever hear my voice in your travels, remind me of this conversation, and I will guide you to our safe haven.

*He releases the PTT*

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12 hours ago, William89 said:


...::: Radio would burst into life :::...

" Don't be stupid, Japan got nuked numerous times, does that mean that it's no longer Japan? Idiot. 

12 hours ago, Joah said:




 As for Chernarussians, they're around, just need to be lucky. For some reason there are more wannabe soldiers than ever, it's a shock any of 'em are still alive. Good luck friend "

...::: Radio would fall into silence :::..

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*Shmopov hears his fellow countrymen over the radio and presses his PTT, in the background you can hear some voices*

Dobry den bratyr, I myself am from Novigrad.

I have been rolling with some foreigners for a while now. They are quite respectful so I stick with them.

I am Shmopov, I am Trade Union, Stay safe.

*Releases PTT*


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*his radio would activate*




*the radio would quiet again*

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