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S1 Sevorograd Griefing Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: There are numerous reasons why this verdict is not fair.

1. I personally did not destroy a single wall/lock. I only dismantled a few hesco kits and sandbags which we took to re-use at our own base. If a person gets a report against them for RDM/KOS and they had a friend with them at the time but that friend did not shoot the person who put up the report then both people don't get banned, just the person who shot the guy. This goes for BadRP, FailRP, etc. 

2. We went out of our way to put items in tents which we did not want to take to ensure we didn't despawn loot we didn't want to take.

3. We destroyed less than a quarter of the walls the staff claimed were broken. We only destroyed 2 full walls and 2 half walls, totaling to 3 walls. We only broke walls that were necessary for us to get into the base and for us to get the car out.  

4. Hesco kits are weird mix of item/structure. I thought that if we intended to use the materials then they were fair game to take in a raid.

I just want to say sorry to the group, I don't personally feel that this was griefing but I am sorry that the group felt that it was. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: 


What would you like to achieve with this appeal:  I would like to get my points and my ban removed. I do not think the punishment fits the crime if there was one.

What could you have done better?: As far as listening to orders and dismantling a few hesco kits, probably nothing. But if I knew it would cause this I probably would have just stayed at base.

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Hello @Quackipoo


A separate team of staff members have reviewed your appeal as well as the original verdict and after much deliberation have reached the conclusion to accept it.

In your appeal you admit during the raid that your participation involved the removal of HESCO barriers and sandbags in order to re-use them at your own base. We view this as a justifiable reason to remove such items and due to this, we have no grounds to warrant a punishment of griefing. The damage done to the base was proportionate to the IC reasoning. Even in situations where rulebreaks are committed, it is unjust in nearly all cases to pass a blanket punishment over the accused party. Due to this we will be revoking your ban and removing your warning points.


With the above stated, the following applies.

Appeal accepted. Ban and warning points removed.


Signed by @Conor & @Randy

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