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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-09 06:52

Killed by land mine


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Server and location: S1, near Sinistock / Topolniki

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-11-07, 21:05 - approximately

Your in game name: Mat Harding

Names of allies involved: None

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: On my way from Topolniki to Sinistock I saw a house with a fence erected on it's front door, curious I went to the back to take a look and was killed by a land mine placed directly on the steps.

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Kill logs:


21:05:06 | Player "Mat Harding" (DEAD) killed by Player "Kevin Khem" with Land Mine


Hit logs:


21:05:06 | Player "Mat Harding" hit by Player "Kevin Khem" with LandMineExplosion into (-1) for 93.5398 damage (LandMineExplosion)


Connection logs:


18:39:27 | Player "Kevin Khem" is connected
--Kevin Khem still connected--

19:25:27 | Player "Mat Harding" is connected
21:05:28 | Player "Mat Harding" has been disconnected


Position logs:


20:59:16 | Player "Mat Harding" (pos=<3337.6, 12822.6, 197.7>)
21:04:17 | Player "Mat Harding" (pos=<2439.6, 12337.3, 230.1>)

20:59:16 | Player "Kevin Khem" (pos=<2325.6, 12325.3, 237.8>)
21:04:17 | Player "Kevin Khem" (pos=<2325.6, 12325.3, 237.8>)
21:09:18 | Player "Kevin Khem" (pos=<2325.3, 12325.5, 237.8>)
21:14:18 | Player "Kevin Khem" (pos=<2325.3, 12325.4, 237.8>)


Construction logs:


19:28:33 | Kevin Khem <2320.9, 12332.4, 234.473> deployed Land Mine



Calling in the following people for their point of view as well as any un-edited video evidence they may have of the situation.

@miremare - Mat Harding - OP

@Kevin_Khem - Kevin Khem -

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There was people trying to break into my house earlier today and it was dark. I scared them off. Then I set the land mine and waited for their return because I thought they would come back after I pretended it wasn't my house. I locked myself inside for about 1hr and then I heard the explosion go off and he died it wasn't meant for him it was meant for two other individuals trying to break in earlier. I was going to build my base up and wall off the entire compound I had no nails and was waiting on a friend of mines to bring me some.

Also I do not know how to remove the mine once it is set down

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@Kevin_Khem | Invalid Kill - on sight | Guilty


In this situation @Kevin_Khem you placed a land mine on the steps outside of a pub that you were setting up base in.

If we look at the rules regarding land mines, we can find them under section 4.10 and it states the following: Deployable weapons such as land mines, bear traps and similar items work in two different ways:

  1. When deployed by the base owners inside a walled off and closed base, these weapons will be treated as defensive measures and thus any kills done by them will be considered valid even without any kill rights
  2. When deployed anywhere or by anyone else they will be treated the same as any other weapon, so for example:
  • If someone gets injured or killed by your mine or trap which you placed in the middle of a town or a forest, it will be treated the same way as if you shot/killed them on sight with a gun
  • If an enemy you have valid kill rights on steps on your mine, the kill will be considered valid


In your case you did not place the landmine within a walled off and closed base where it could be treated as a defensive measure. You placed the landmine outside on the steps of the building where anybody could walk along and step on it. That means your placement of the landmine falls under section 2 of the rule. If we look at that we will see that any kill with a landmine outside of a walled off and closed base will be considered invalid unless you have valid and active attacker or defender rights on the victim. You did not have rights to kill @miremare and therefore your kill on him is invalid and you will be given the standard punishment for an invalid kill on sight.

In your response to this report you mention that you do not know how to remove a landmine once it is placed. There are two options you can take to remove an armed landmine on the ground: The first is to retreat to a safe distance and, when there is nobody else near to it, you can shoot it to make it explode. The second option, which we highly recommend over the first is to join the Waiting for Staff Help channel in discord and speak to a member of staff who can have a Gamemaster teleport to the location and remove the landmine with their tools.

In the future we highly discourage that you place any landmines on the map that are not within a walled and closed base in order to fully comply with rule 4.10. You can place them outside of such a base if you intend to use them on somebody you have valid kill rights on however in doing this you will always run the risk that a non-involved party will happen across the landmine and unknowingly trigger it, killing them and leading you back here to the report section to face another report like this one.

With the above stated, the following applies


@Kevin_Khem | Invalid Kill - on sight | 7 Day ban + 10 Warning Points


Signed by @Conor & @Hofer

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