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Ryan Dudley's Journal Post Apocalypse

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November 7th, 2015 

It has been 5 months since i have been home to see my beautiful girls. No mater how much i love war and protecting my country i don't think i could live with out seeing them any second longer. Working in the United States Special Forced is my life but i think it may be time to give it up in order to be there for my wife and daughter, i know i can't leave doing this line of work all together but i have been thinking recently into contracting, its much harder and nearly impossible to get approved but i think due to my history and my government ties i might have a chance i also was thinking of a name and it took me back to the time when i was in a top secret op in Venezuela in the rain forest when i felt the creature following me the wendigo... i was thinking maybe naming the company Wendigo something... maybe wendigo contracting, or wendigo contracting corp. Eh who knows ill find something out maybe Ryan Dudley will give up on his days of fighting wars and maybe get a desk job! *chuckles*- signed Ryan Dudley 



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