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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryan sits down on the couch in his small cabin way up north in the mountains the sounds of the cold november air whistling through the cracks in the windows as there was slight cracking sounds from fireplace as the wood burnt keeping the house warm as well making a fresh batch of tomato pepper beef stew, Ryan clicked open his pen and opened to the next free page in his Journal* 


November 7th, 2019 

Ah it has been a few days since i have written in but none the less here i am, for the first time i am happy it has been years since i have felt happiness since i felt safe moving far up north brings a since of comfort to me as its away from the large groups, sure i miss jackson and the groups present but it was to hostile around i don't wish to break ties with Jackson and his group but instead of being a leader there I'd rather be a partner, by moving up north me and friends well now family Murphy and Astrid havw found a nice unoccupied farm house with enough space to create a garden and hunt fresh meat we are stock piling for winter which is nearing only a few more weeks before the snow behinds to fall. Me and murphy have been working day and night to insure we have plenty of  packaged meat and vegies to last winter as well has help jacksons trade post though winter the air is much colder and in the early mornings the ground is iced over this will be my 8th Cherno Russian winter i will have seen this year i feel much more prepared with the house we have fixed up and the amount of food we have packaged and stored away. *Ryan sniffed the air smelling the stew was nearing readiness slowly set journal down onto the table with pen and stands up walking into the kitchen where the fireplace was and took off the lid of the pot sturing the stew smelling it as he used a ladle to stir it taking a small ladle full blowing on it and sipping some to make sure it didn't need any more garlic or pepper added. Slowly stands back up walking back go journal* 

Well i will be back in a few days to write more, i still don't know why i write these i think it may be incase the world returns to normal, or maybe in the case my luck runs out and something happens to me my story will live on the story of Ryan Dudley or maybe i may die of old age and pass my years and years of medical knowledge onto someone new by giving them my book or maybe teach someone my medical and survival knowledge by using my writing as i guide who knows i just know i will continue till i can not anymore. -Signed Ryan Dudley     



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