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New Life Rule Question


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Yesterday, I was forced to engage combat with a group of zombies. However, while I was fighting them, my game crashed. When I loaded back in, I was unconscious, and as a result I was killed by the zombies. I am not clear on the part of the New Life Rule which involves crashes. Based on what caused my death (a game crash), am I able to continue with my previous memories?

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You forget the events that led up to your death; So you don't remember getting mobbed by zombies.

Otherwise you don't forget anything else. So you are free to continue the same story you were at. You are welcome to insert your own explanation. A lot of times when players die to bugs/glitches they just 'ignore' it and move on like it never happened, some people say that they woke up bruised and battered on the side of the road or in a house with the door locked and think they saved themselves from something, whatever you want to go with that lets you continue the story.


As for the other aspect of NLR, even if it was a bug/glitch/crash, you still can't return to the area of your death for one hour.

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