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Removing/Altering Woodstorges


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  • Lore Master

Hello community. I am AndreyQ and today I present you all a nice, somewhat well written thread about the antagonists of the server... the Woodstorages.

For those unaware, one of the mods we have adds a Woodstorage container specific for logs/planks that you can attach to it. This is really cool, immersive and impacts RP in such a beautiful way if only there were used purely for that.

I, an intellectual raider, been around a few bases to realise that these containers are not used for holding logs but gear, resulting in bases that look like the local lumberjack community. You don't believe me? Here is some proof:







As you can see people are abusing this asset for their gear oriented fetishes. This is but one base. I have personally bumped into many just like it.

I personally suggest altering it so it doesn't have any inventory slots and if that is not possible remove such abusive log holders.

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  • Owner

I thought woodstorage would only accept wood items and not regular stuff. It's strange that the mod creator didn't make it so. We can easily override that in the code though, just like we did with not being able to place rifles in boxes.

@Ducky @Watchman

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  • Diamond

Change it so only tools and planks can go into the slots. Same sort of job like guns in boxes.

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18 minutes ago, FalkRP said:

Change it so only tools and planks can go into the slots. Same sort of job like guns in boxes.

^^^ yeah it could be like hanging tools from the side rail. But throwing a .408 in one (i’ve seen this before) is a little ridiculous. 

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  • MVP

I did have a small attempt at fixing this around two days ago, however I've been a little pre-occupied lately.

We will for sure fix this issue however, so for anyone doing this at the moment, it's best you move that stuff over to tents, otherwise you may suddenly find those items missing.

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  • Sapphire

Yeah it's annoying seeing these things placed everywhere due to their capacity instead of using storage containers that are easier on the eyes.


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Tbh the only reason they are abused is because every other storage item can’t hold certain things so either fix that again.

I do agree they are not ascetically pleasing to look at but they are really useful for wood/logs/firewood/sticks for cooking and the storage space makes them great for extra logs and random stuff maybe should reduce what it takes to make crates again as currently a small crate costs more resources than the 2 planks and 10 nails for a wood storage

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