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NVFL at GM by Fae


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/30791-fae/ There was no post, it was just an instant ban. She banned me.

Why the verdict is not fair: People were saying that I was gonna die and trying to force a perm against me, thus being power gaming. There is vid evidence form the banner and me.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was held up after a buddy was gunned down at GM. I didn't fire back because I didn't have the gear to match and also wanted RP. I didn't fight back because I wanted RP. The auzzi dude went up to me and said that there was good news and bad news saying that I'm lucky to survive this far and the bad news was that they were going to kill me; meaning that they will perm me. According to the rules, I don't have to perm and I don't wanna perm. I have an interesting character in an interesting group and I don't wanna throw it away like that. They were saying that I was gonna die and it wasn't fair. I started talking smack because of the situation and it actually, for the first time, irritated me ooc. Its not fair that one group can do something against the rules, but its all totally ignored. I am acknowledging what I did wrong, but I would like for the other party to acknowledge what they did as well.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To show my innocence through showing that both sides were at fault this report, but through no reports because I believe in giving people chances instead of claiming that they're guilty from the git go., but to show my faults and how I can improve my gameplay in certain situations. 

What could you have done better?: Used different words IC. Shouldn't've said that I would never die. Run away when I know I'm getting overwhelmed and if I think that someone is going to initiate on me. Most importantly, keep my composure when I'm in RP. Sometimes I let my frustration out in wrong situations, and I shouldn't've done that during this time. Thank you for hearing me out. Have a nice night.

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Greetings @Nick Plasse,

After reviewing your appeal we have come to a conclusion. We have decided that a more fitting punishment would be BadRP, rather than the NVFL you were found guilty of. The reasons behind this are as follows. You find yourself in a situation where you are tied up with your face in the dirt, on top of this you are being told that you are going to die, your respond to this by stating "I'm not going to die and you all have small penises". First of all, you show absolutely no fear when it is very clear that your characters life will end within seconds. Furthermore, "you all have small penises" is extremely trolly and ultimately borderline TrollRP, if you had continued with phrases like this in this scenario then you would be being found guilty of Trolling, which serves a 7 day ban + 10 warning points. Your comments also make it seem that you know that you won't be killed because the rules would protect you from being killed, as well as seeming like you know you won't die as you will come back in another life after respawning. Due to all that has been stated above, we have decided to revoke your ban for NVFL but instead issue a verdict finding you guilty of BadRP, which serves a 5 day ban + 10 warning points. With that said, we do recognise that you have 2 days and 7 hours left of your NVFL ban and we are willing to round that down to 2 days, meaning that you have served 1 day of the 5 day ban already.

With that said,
APPEAL ACCEPTED - NVFL revoked, BadRP applied

Signed by @Saunders, @Conor + @Hofer

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