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Koko Boy

Mysterious Broadcast

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Through your radio comes a strange broadcast on an open frequency.

The broadcast begins calmly, the sound of something dropping a 500 pound dead press comes over the static, a deep grunt is heard, then a very deep voice shouts "Lightweight, motherfuckers!" Hesitant clapping follows, and the broadcast returns to static.

The next day, the following broadcast could be heard.

The very next day, the broadcast came back to life with the same deep voice, groaning as though straining to lift something extremely heavy. Through the grunting and groaning, the voice stated "NO MEAT!"

You hear scrambling, mumbling, and then some rumbling from the source of the broadcast being picked out of some rubble. A lightly accented Frenchman said, "Shit! I forgot this was on!" The broadcast returned to white noise, and then shut off completely.


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