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The Story of Psycho Dex


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This is the backstory for my newest character. I originally said that I'd create a new character with a very short backstory compared to Kyle's (which was 6500). Turns out I got a little carried away and spent a long time creating this story for Dex (which is around 13500). I'm pretty proud of the sheer detail included and I just had to share of with you lovely people. I'm yet to run into anyone whilst playing him at the moment but I hope to see you all around real soon! 

My name is Dexter, Dexter Moore.. But my closest friends call me Dex. I was born on June 26th 1991 in Birmingham, England. At age 3, right after my little sister Roxanne was born my parents decided to split up. It was a messy break up which ended up with my parents fighting over me and Roxy, in the end my dad, Michael Moore, took my little sister with him to Germany, it was probably to get her as far away from my mother as he could and to be honest I don't blame him, she was a stupid drugged up junkie. This ended up with me staying with my junkie mother, Janet Moore. My experiences of being neglected as a child still stick with me to this day and it's probably why I'm so fucked up in the head. Nobody was there most of the time and, even when they were there, they weren't really there as they were always out of their minds on whatever drugs they could slam into their systems. It was pure hell. Half of the time my mother didn't even noticed whether I had actually gone to school or not as she as always upstairs out of her mind. At first I really enjoyed school and I had this huge motivation to make sure that I finished with good grades so that I didn't end up just like my mother. However, I missed so many days due to my mother forcing me to go out and steal to make money for her and her crack head boyfriend to buy drugs with, and if I ever refused or back chatted her, either her or her boyfriend would beat me. There has been more times than I can count where either of them has paled my head in with all sorts of shit, golf clubs, baseball bats, hammers, knives and that's just to name a few.

All of this started from a young age and by the time that I had started secondary school I had come to the realisation that I would never get the life that I had always dreamed of. I wasn't that smart and began to fall behind in my grades, I'd been in trouble with the police more time than I can count and I got bullied for being the quiet and weird kid. Because of this I started to go off the rails, I began to smoke cigarettes, do drugs and drinking whatever alcohol I could get my hands on. I always knew that I shouldn't have been doing it, but with life at home being so bad, the struggles I faced everyday with my mental health issues, and all the bullying I had to deal with because I was "a weirdo, loner, loser", all of the drugs and drinking helped me to numb some of the pain. I mean, it wasn't my fault that I was a psychopath/sociopath, or at least that's what my doctors and counsellors told me.. I don't really believe in labels anyway.

I hated society, I hated how we were supposed to meet it's standards and if you didn't you'd be classed as an outcast all because you didn't want to feed into it and become a "normal human being". After all, society was just one big front to control the masses and to sell them shit. Nobody ever got that, not until I met this girl on Instagram that went by R0x94, she was 16 at the time and I was 19. Rox was just like me, suicidal, a loner, hated society and had been through so much shit. I was her best friend and she was mine, I could see past the sweet girl in her pictures, I was able to see the suffering in her eyes, the sadness and loneliness. I think that's why she let me in, because I got her when nobody else ever had. We spoke for months, we would talk about how we were going to kill everyone on the planet, how we would stop society in it's path and what we would do after we had accomplished it all. It took some time but she really let me in and told me her whole story. One thing that really stuck out to me was when she told me that her step brother's tried to rape her, that infuriated me and I promised her that I would make them pay for what they did. I don't think she believed me, but I think she was thankful for the gesture.. Little did she know that I was a fucking nut case, I really meant it when I said it.

Life continued as normal until one day, and I'll never forget this day, I received a phone call.. It was weird because I never normally answered numbers that I didn't know, but something was telling me to answer that day and so I did. Upon answering the call I was met with silence, "Hello" I said, "Hello, are you Dexter Moore?", I couldn't believe it.. I knew this voice, I froze for a while before replying. "Roxy? Roxy, is that.. is that you?!". I heard the phone drop, then the call ended. I couldn't believe what had just happened, all this time the girl I was talking to was my sister, my precious little sister. The rage in me at that point was astronomical, I should have been there for her, to protect her from all the evil, I should have fucking been there instead of being here not being able to do a fucking thing to save her from the years of pain. I knew that I couldn't let her struggle anymore, I had to be there for her, I had to protect her..

After the phone call and spending the next hour thinking about things the rage within me only increased. I was so angry that my junkie cunt of a mother never told me that I had a sister and so I confronted her about it. The bitch tried to deny it, I could feel the rage building up and up until I finally snapped. It was like something clicked in my head, causing me to snap and turn into a monster. I pushed her to the ground, climbed on top of her and wrapped my hands around her neck and tightened my fingers around her throat, completely cutting off her air supply. I could see the fear in her eyes as she tried to struggle out of it, but no matter how hard she tried she couldn't move. Her fingers clawed at my hands uselessly and she used her last breath to scream for help, unluckily for her nobody was around. I tightened my grip one last time, my eyes burned with emptiness and anger as I watched the life slowly leave her body until her hands finally fell to her side and her body lay lifeless. It's weird isn't it? Weird how somebodies whole story, their whole life can end in a split second like that. What's even weirder is that after I had killed her I felt absolutely nothing. At this point I knew I had to flee. I rang Roxy back and told her that I was going to be coming to see her, she was surprised when I told her that I'd be on the next flight, I didn't tell her why.. I knew that I couldn't tell her what I had done over the phone, I couldn't risk her freaking out and not wanting me to come.

I was met by Roxy upon landing, it was weird seeing her in person, she looked so grown up, my little baby sister. We went back to her place, apparently dad was away for the week with his new wife, but the brothers we around. This was my time to get payback, I wasn't there to protect her for all those years but now I was finally able to. I left it for a few days, I wanted to give them a false sense of security but I really struggled. Every time I looked at them I just had flash backs of what they tried to do to my precious baby sister. One night the two brother's were playing video games in the basement, I knew this was my chance, I told Rox that I'd cook for us all but I needed certain items for what I was going to cook and so she went to the shop to get them. Whilst she was out I sneaked down into the basement with a kitchen knife, as I slowly crept down the basement stairs I began to get an overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness. This was it, I was finally going to get them both back! These dumb idiots didn't hear a thing, sitting there playing video games talking to their superficial friends.. As I slowly sneaked up behind the one of them I stabbed him in the back 3 times, he immediately dropped to the floor and began gasping for air and screaming in pain. The other brother jumped up but I managed to wrestle him to the ground, I grabbed the cloth soaked in chloroform from my pocket and held it over his mouth and nose which knocked him out. I used rope to tie them both to the chairs until Roxy got back, I could kill them.. In fact I wanted to kill them, but I knew that Roxy should be the one to do it, after all, she is the one who had all that shit done to her by these fucking imbeciles. At first she was shocked, she just sat there and watched as I tortured them but after a while I could tell you began to enjoy it and so I handed the tools over to her and told her to "make them pay". She tortured them for hours before finally killing them, a slow a painful death is exactly what they deserved and that's what they got.

After all the murders that we had committed we had to flee, Rox had managed to get fake papers for us both weeks before her birthday because she wanted to run away with me when they finally met. We wanted to start a new life in Russia, a life where is was just the two of us. She was the first person I could truly call a friend, the only human being that could make me happy, the only one to know everything about me and I knew everything about her, I could finally keep her close and protect her. We wanted to spend every second with each other, we had already lost so much of it. Russia wasn´t the best place for a psychopath like me, and my little sister that looked up to me and adored me. I wasn't able to stay out of trouble, we were dragged into an underground gang war and soon things became more bloody, more cruel and more advanced. I continued to torture people, I enjoyed doing it. Most of the time Rox just watched it happen but as time went on I could see that she wanted to get more involved so I began to motivate her to help me, I knew that she loved spiders so I bought her a dagger with a spider grip. I could see that she took a big interest in my knife collection, she would always try to touch them but I never let her. I felt bad for that so I got her her own knife in hopes that she would start her own collection, turns out she absolutely loved the knife, I mean.. She still has it till this very day. The first thing she did with it was carve a spiders web into a guy's back we were torturing. I was so proud of her that day and I made it known just how proud I was. I never wanted to force her to do all the fucked up shit we did, she just started to enjoy it. I think that the power and control that I feel when doing this stuff is what drove her to doing it herself.

As time went on we began to get known within the whole Russian underground scene. We dealt with organs, dead bodies, drugs, poison and knives. In early 2017 we were about to start doing gun trades deals too but an enemy organisation had snitched on us so we had to flee from the authorities. We decided to stay low until we figured out our options and could come up with a plan on what to do. We ended up staying in a little cabin that Rox had bought as a plan B when we first got to Russia, it was 20km away from any town which was perfect! One day, when out hunting for food I saw what could of be described as humans but with their eyes soulless, blood dripping from their jaws and skin hanging off. In sheer panic I ran back towards the cabin to make sure that Roxy was okay. We listened to radio broadcasts to find out what was going on, we couldn't believe what we were hearing. However, there was one good thing to come from all of this, without any governments and authorities, we were free to do whatever we wanted and we were no longer being chased. And so that's exactly what we did, we would go out and collect our victims, bring them back to the cabin, kill them and then sell their organs to cannibals for food, ammunition, weapons and whatever else we could get our hands on. Society has finally fell and we were finally free to do whatever we wanted, we completely and utterly thrived under the worlds circumstances.

So, how did we end up in Chernarus you ask? Well.. About 4 months ago we kept hearing about this super horde travelling through Russia, we didn't believe it one bit. I mean, how much shit do we all hear being spurted over the frequencies for god knows what reason? That was until the day we saw it for ourselves.. We were on "a hunt" for our next victim in some old tower of flats. We were on the roof at the time and Rox shouted to me to come over to her, she handed me her binoculars and showed me it.. I shit you not there were thousands upon thousands of those dead fuckers, I'd say at least 250 thousand easy.. We knew there and then that it wasn't safe, they were heading in the direction of our cabin and it wouldn't have been long until we were found by them. So we decided to leave for good, we had heard stories of a little country south of Russia called Chernarus, we knew that he had more coastal area's and if the horde were to come we could get a boat and leave the place for good, it was much more safer then Russia would be and so we decided to go there. Apparently the boarders were tightly controlled but we had heard that if you were able to get in if you crossed the black mountains. Now, let me tell you that it wasn't fucking easy, not in the slightest.. But we made it, and now here we are here in Chernarus. We are still doing our thing, Rox takes part in more of the fucked up stuff than ever now and we are happy. We have made some friends that are just like us too, we will never trust them the way we trust each other, but it's still nice to have people around, that's for sure..

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