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Psycho Dex

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The Beginning
The beginning of a new character. Dex and Rox came to Chernarus 4 months ago, check his backstory for more details.



Clever Wolf
They found a wolf on a roof. They also found one in a building and wanted to keep it as a pet. When they let the wolf out of the house it somehow left them alone and ran off without trying to eat them.


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Aww the wolfs cute. Keep it as a pet lol I wish that could actually happen I want a wolf or a dog in game to be like a companion would be good like an attack dog

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That wolf is adorable! Can't wait to see more of y'alls adventures! Thanks for sharing! 

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Oh you found my guard pups. We've been looking for them 🐺

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Holding Him Down
Dex holds him down whilst Winston burns his leg with a red hot knife.



The man said his wife was more beautiful than Rox, Dex's sister. So Dex strangles him from behind as punishment and makes him tell Rox that she's the most beautiful girl in the world.


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New Friends
Dex and Rox meet some new friends who go by Iron Chef and Ghost. It so happens that they were all heading the same direction to go meet Winston and so they hitched a ride.



Winston wanted payback on those who stole so Dex and Rox tagged along.



The Finer Details
Rox overlooks Dex as he goes over some finer details with Ghost and Iron Chef.



Long Day Ends
At the end of a long day Dex falls asleep whilst chatting with his sister.


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Playtime Outfit 1
One of Dexter's "playtime" outfits. That oughta scare his victims. Don't mind the blood, he didn't get any time to wash his shirt from last night.



Playtime Outfit 2
Another one of Dexter's "playtime" outfits. That oughta scare his victims.



Even psychopath's need some time to sit back, relax and reflect.


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The Real Ghost
Dex knew something fishy was going and brought up his concerns to both Winston + Rox. Just before Rox was about to use her "techniques" to get the information out of him, Ghost came clean about who he was. Seems Dex is a great judge of character.


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Long Day
After travelling for what seemed forever Rox and Dex decided to take a break at a nice little pond that they had found whilst on their travels.



Roxy Sleeping
After the break from walking Rox fell asleep on a bench. Dex then took her camera and found a nice location to watch her sleep and snap some pics. He loves to keep watch of his little Roxy whilst she sleeps to keep her safe.


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Moments Before Kill
Dex gives Rox a look and she know's exactly what's about to go down. 30 seconds later and the two fools get smoked.. NOBODY tries to harm his little sister without catching a bullet.



Stitched UP
Dex takes a bullet to protect his sister, Winston removes it for him.



Admiring his knife collection.



Cleaning Collection
Getting his knives ready for his next victim. Sharp and clean, sharp and clean!



Star Gazers
Brother and sister stare at the stars and have a heart to heart.


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