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Battle Eye Install Prompt Causing Game Crash

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So i have been trying a few times over the past few weeks (have been on and off computer due to some IRL stuff and training) to get into the server (S1 and same problem with S2) and every time I get to the part where i should normally load into the server, DayZ crashes and I am prompted to Install Battle Eye, which is already installed.

I have tried everything I can think of from unsubscribing from Mods (Done Multiple Times), To deleting suggested folders (Again multiple times), to verifying game files through steam, to going as far as totally uninstalling and reinstalling the game + mods. Still get the same error when trying to get into a server. Not sure if anyone else has/is experiencing this issue, but any help or advice to help solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. I just want to fight Zombies <internal crying>


Attached is what shows up after the game closes (apologies if the text is a bit blurry to read)

Screenshot (13).png

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Please join our community discord @WorldDeastroyer, I have fixed both these issues before and may be able to assist. I'll need to screen share with you.


Follow the above to join the discord then send me a message.

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Closed per OP's request

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