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The 5.0.3


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  • Titanium

*CJ would be swinging back in his deck chair of his newly fortified home, light rambling and talking may can be heard behind him, as he lifts up his radio towards his face*

*CJ presses down the PTT*

"Brothers and sisters of the 5.0.3, Time to come down from Russia."

"Business is back to how it used to be, a lot more poor souls running around now."

"Do not keep me waiting."

*He chuckles to himself and a slight pause would follow*

"If you hear about my orphanage do not be alarmed. I am now a man of generosity and charity"

"The children of South Zagoria needs donations, and the people must donate." 

*CJ would start to hysterical laugh before releasing the PTT*


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  • Emerald

*Joe Collins would press down his PTT*

''Lots of children out there scared of the dark. I heard little Tommy wants some NVG's'' 

''Donations can be made by storing it inside your base, we'll come retrieve it on a weekly basis'' 

*he would release his PTT*


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*A large hand picked up the radio and brought it up to the face of a man who nobody had previously met in Chernarus. His eyes lit up with excitement as he heard a familiar voice cut through the static. Clicking his tongue a couple of times before answering, he smiled and pushed down the talk button. His voice, raspy and harsh, echoed down the radio with a Russian accent.*

"I heard you, CJ. Don't you worry, we will show these children of yours what the rules are. I'm making my way down, moy dorogoy priyatel.

*Iosef Morozov let go of the button and slouched in his chair, sighing deeply before getting up and looking around the room for his things. He had to pack the main bits first.*


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*Dante Manarello would press down his PTT*

"Fuck yeh , i already drew first blood ..."

*he stuters and cusses at himself* 

"I mean , i already collected our first Donation"

*he would release his PTT as he chuckles nervously*

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*Cain would press down the PTT*

"Long time no see, i can't say i haven't been waiting for this moment"

*He chuckles a bit*

"We shall turn their castles to dust"

*A loud bang can be heard on the background as he releases his PTT*


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