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Level of Allowed Sexuality/Graphical material on the Forums?


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I was just wondering because i read some great fanfiction in DayZ Stories & Journals and it got me thinking.

1. How graphic/sexual are posts allowed to be on the forums? 

2. Is there a possibility (that if something is too graphic or sexual for the forums) to do such a post through audio (AKA Soundcloud or Youtube) ?

3. If that is not a possibility then would it be allowed to post this fanfiction ON ANOTHER platform and not on DayZRP.com? example:  could i upload it to Youtube just fine and just not post it in the DayZRP discord or the forums? 

This is not meant to be taken as a "funny thread" i am legit wondering because i had some ideas for fanfiction but i think it is best to ask here first before i waste my time.


@Crimson_Tiger uhh that doesn't answer my question at all. You do realize that there are several videos of people getting shot, tortured and killed on this website right? Defintely wouldn't call that safe for work. Let alone all the verbal abuse, racism, sexism etc.

@Fae oh alright thanks for the reply. So I COULD record me reading a fanfic, and post it on youtube NOT ON THE FORUMS OR DISCORD and i wouldn't be punished right?

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ALL content on the DayZRP Forums should be Safe For Work @NozzyRP

Hang tight... I'll bring this up for other staff to help with an answer.

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The content on the DayZRP forums needs to be safe for work, the videos of people being "shot and tortured" are from the game itself and are fine.
So no erotic fanfiction for you, @NozzyRP (though you can DM it to me ?)

I'd go with option 3, posting it elsewhere and sharing it among your friends privately, rather than posting it publicly on the forums.

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@NozzyRP another staff member may correct me but as long as it is not posted on the forums it would be perfectly fine. 
I would be cautious, though, if you intend on using other peoples characters for your fanfictions and I would urge you to gain their consent before you write anything sexually explicit.

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