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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-05 07:22

S1: Staroye KOS

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Server and location: S1 Staroye
Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:20
Your in game name: Vladimir Novak
Names of allies involved: @Ulthel , @Nonplayer and more I dont know by name (there were more people but I actually didnt hold count)
Name of suspect/s: Unknown
Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A
Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: I've been putting things down from the truck in my trading center in Staroye (recently established) in company of @Ulthel, @Nonplayer and others that I dont know by names. There were quite a lot of people in my trading center that night so I actually didnt count all of them. I've been with those two on a base raid where we killed a guy a stole that truck, there was no one else, at least by my knowledge. So, when I was unloading the truck I suddently got shot in the head, inside the base. So there's two possible scenarious. 
1. someone survived our base raid and saw what happened, then he would have attacker right and could kill me
2. someone else put me together with others in my base and killed me for some reasons that I dont know of. 

Important note: my base in Staroye is trading center which was operational a few days by now and it has been publicly announced, its common to have multiple strangers with me inside since I've been trading with them.

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Connection Logs:



17:23:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" is connected
17:57:47 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" has been disconnected

16:42:21 | Player "Vladimir Novak" is connected
18:25:35 | Player "Vladimir Novak" has been disconnected

16:36:04 | Player "Evans Chekov" is connected
18:21:17 | Player "Evans Chekov" has been disconnected

17:21:05 | Player "Zikmund Svec" is connected
18:17:41 | Player "Zikmund Svec" has been disconnected

16:41:00 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" is connected
18:30:15 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" has been disconnected

17:06:18 | Player "Vladimir Visus" is connected
- Player is still in game -

17:58:45 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
18:30:34 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected
18:34:03 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected
18:42:51 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" has been disconnected
18:44:27 | Player "Fyodr Belokov" is connected

17:04:05 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" is connected
- Player is still in game -


Hit Logs:



17:57:43 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with Colt 1911 from 0.55243 meters 

18:10:29 | Player "Vladimir Novak" hit by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 44.1057 meters 

18:18:47 | Player "Evans Chekov" hit by Player "Fyodr Belokov" with FN-FAL from 5.93868 meters 
18:18:47 | Player "Evans Chekov" hit by Player "Fyodr Belokov" with FN-FAL from 5.92681 meters 
18:18:47 | Player "Evans Chekov" hit by Player "Fyodr Belokov" with FN-FAL from 5.92426 meters 

18:17:09 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" hit by Player "Zikmund Svec" with PPSKN42 from 3.19931 meters
18:17:10 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" hit by Player "Zikmund Svec" with PPSKN42 from 3.2296 meters
- Player falls unconscious, wakes up, and is knocked out again - 
18:17:23 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" hit by Player "Zikmund Svec" with PPSKN42 from 2.84707 meters 
18:17:23 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" hit by Player "Zikmund Svec" with PPSKN42 from 2.80029 meters 

18:17:25 | Player "Zikmund Svec" hit by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 40.578 meters

18:28:04 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" hit by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 6.60478 meters 


Kill Logs:

17:57:43 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with Colt 1911 from 0.55243 meters 
18:10:29 | Player "Vladimir Novak" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 44.1057 meters
18:17:23 | Player "Mehmet Ayibogan" (DEAD) killed by Player "Zikmund Svec" with PPSKN42 from 2.84707 meters 
18:17:25 | Player "Zikmund Svec" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 40.578 meters 
18:18:47 | Player "Evans Chekov" (DEAD) killed by Player "Fyodr Belokov" with FN-FAL from 5.92426 meters
18:28:04 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M1A SOCOM from 6.60478 meters 


Position Logs:


17:50:21 | Player "Vladimir Novak" (pos=<10166.2, 5523.9, 243.8>) 
17:55:21 | Player "Vladimir Novak" (pos=<10162.6, 5516.6, 243.8>) 
18:00:21 | Player "Vladimir Novak" (pos=<10163.6, 5517.3, 243.8>) 

17:50:21 | Player "Zikmund Svec" (pos=<10140, 5490.8, 248.4>) 
17:55:21 | Player "Zikmund Svec" (pos=<10136.3, 5472.3, 244.9>) 
18:00:21 | Player "Zikmund Svec" (pos=<10144, 5487.9, 248.4>) 

17:50:21 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" (pos=<10140.8, 5492.4, 248.4>) 
17:55:21 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" (pos=<10138.1, 5473.7, 244.8>) 
18:00:21 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" (pos=<10143.5, 5486.9, 248.4>) 

17:45:20 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" (pos=<10140.2, 5492.5, 248.4>) 
17:50:21 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" (pos=<10140.2, 5492.5, 248.4>) 
17:55:21 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" (pos=<10137.5, 5473.3, 244.9>) 

Calling in:
@Mirotvurce | Vladimir Novak | OP
@Ulthel | Evans Chekov | POSTED
@Nonplayer | Zikmund Svec | POSTED
@Thrynn | Thrynn Derrafell | POSTED

@Kordruga | Vladimir Visus |POSTED
@G19RP | Fyodr Belokov | POSTED
@TurkRP | Mehmet Ayibogan | POSTED
@KennethRP | Arvid Nilsson | POSTED

to provide their FULL and DETAILED point of view, as well as any UNEDITED video evidence they may have.

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I was standing next to the Campfire together with @Nonplayer and @Ulthel . I saw Merchant @Mirotvurce approach the truck after @Nonplayer told him to take the AKM from the truck as a reward for his aid, then suddenly merchant got shot dead. I've ran behind a truck, then I heard initiation, a man shouted for us to put the hands up or we'll get shot. I haven't heard any initiation prior to Merchant getting shot.

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Evans POV: 

We were standing around the campfire celebrating and drinking when over comms one of our boys on overwatch lets us know several people are approaching. I let Zikmund know and run inside the police station to try and set up overwatch myself. I heard a shot prior to initiation, which I thought was just for infected, and proceeded to hole up in one of the rooms for some time. The door was breached, and I was door banged. 

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I told @Mirotvurce as a reward to take an AKM after that i got informed that there were men coming via coms by our overwatch @Jonaaaaaas and went inside the PD. Shortly after I heard people outside telling to put our hands up. Thinking the other party was inside the PD station walled off territory i ran outside to check if they were truly there and if i could engage them. Seeing nobody there I ran back inside where I hid in the room ready to defend myself. While hiding inside the police station i heard a man approaching my doors and i started to unload my rifle onto him though the door. Thinking he was dead i open the door seeing him unconscious i finish him off, get up and get snipped by someone.

Regarding video evidence I have none as I wasn't recording.

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POV: @KennethRP logs in and tells me over radio he is in staroye and that there are sketchy men around and that he's scared. So me and the boys I was rolling with hop in a car and head over there. Kenneth has been silent this whole time on radio so I suspect something terrible has happened to him. I run into staroye under the cover of darkness to find a chopped up human body with Kenneth's exact description. I scope out the place and find the culprits to young Kenneth the jew boys untimely demise and blast them.

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Chilling with the boys when Vlad gets a radiocall from his boy Kenneth who is scared and might be in trouble, we roll up to Staroye just to find his dead body, initiate like the rest of us, some kids get fragged, i push in a room just to get shot through the door. End of my pov.

Would like to report the OP and his friends who holded the building for rulebreak 3.6. None of them spoke a single time through out the whole scenario, dont come at me with the we whispered bullshit as we were all in the same PD and would clearly hear it.

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POV: Kordruga tells me to come help him. I switch to Fyodr and hop on, we drive to where Kord says. Kord uses his rights and drops one, I initiate on the compound. A small firefight happens. I kill one and we pack up the gear and leave. 

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Calling in @KennethRP to post his full, detailed POV in addition to any video evidence he may have.

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Yo, Kenneth here,

I woke up in Msta after getting blasted the day before. I get to staroye and see som dudes roll up in a truck. I go in the pianohouse to tell @Kordruga i found som dudes in the town acting weird. As I head to the pump some bloke tell me to put my hands up. I get harassed for being jewish then five minutes later shot in the back of the head by someone i dont know. Tryed to get some rp out of it by they rather execute a freshspawn. 


Edited by KennethRP
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@Kordruga - Invalid Kill (on sight) - NOT GUILTY
- Invalid Kill (role played) - NOT GUILTY
@TurkRP -
Invalid Kill (role played)- NOT GUILTY

@Mirotvurce States he was shot without knowing why it happened even though he states some possibilities. After reviewing evidence provided through logs in the report, the staff team came to a conclusion on what events took place.

@KennethRP Moved to Staroye and saw the OP and his associates. He then contacted @Kordruga with his feelings that the situation he has encountered is suspicious.  @Kordruga then decided to move towards Staroye and @KennethRP. In the meantime before @Kordruga has arrived with his associates, @KennethRP  has been initiated on and killed. The logs prove that the one who claimed the kill was @Thrynn.

After @Kordruga and his associates / members of approved group arrived he sees dead body of @KennethRP and deems that the people around are the one who killed him. At this point logs are showing that he was right which granted him kill rights.

History of approved group shows that OP @Mirotvurce joined the group on 3rd. November when the situation has happened on 6th November. As soon as you are on the GroupCP you are considered a full member of the group regardless of what has happened in game. With that, at the time the situation has taken place, this makes you a part of the approved group with the surrounding people. Due to this the kill rights for @Kordruga are valid against @Mirotvurce. Furthermore, the position logs prove that the group around the OP was in the same position as the position of @KennethRP when he was shot . Since all players were in or around the same general area of the time of the initiation on @KennethRP this means you are being considered as attackers as you are part of an approved group. Just because OP was not sitting at the pump at the time does not make him immune to attack rights as he was literally just up the street. So there is no chance he was not aware of the situation.  Due to this, all kills from @Kordruga are valid.

Shots and kills from @Daddy19RP and @TurkRP are deemed valid. We don't have any video evidence that they initiated in order to claim valid kills yet the POV from @Nonplayer , @Ulthel and @Thrynn says that they heard the initiation and did not comply.

With the above said, all kills against the OP and members of his approved group are deemed valid because of active kill rights or not complying to the initiation.

@Kordruga - The logs indeed support your statement of having kill rights on OP. Yet we see it little bit tricky as if @KennethRP would have been killed by someone outside of the  approved group or someone that did not take any part the RP of this group your kill would have been deemed as invalid. 



@Kordruga - Invalid Kill (on sight) - NOT GUILTY - NO PUNISHMENT
@Daddy19RP - Invalid Kill (role played) - NOT GUILTY -NO PUNISHMENT

@TurkRP - Invalid Kill (role played)- NOT GUILTY - NO PUNISHMENT

Signed by @PaulB, @Fae and @Saunders


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