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Let codelocks take the same to hack through as walls

Your stance on Combo locks  

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As the name implies, I believe code-locks should take the same time to destroy as a base wall. This would still mean that it is much faster to break in a base by cutting the codelock rather than breaking down a full wall to get in. Although, I do admit its quite frustrating to accidentally click off of destroying something, then realizing you have to do it all over again, which is why I am also open to only increasing the time it takes to destroy a lock, but not to the extent that it takes for a wall.

But, do you want to increase it? Keep it the same? Decrease it even?  Answer here, with heated opinions of course. 

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  • Lore Master

Bruh no.

I don't wanna sit 5 hours to break into some gear horders base.

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  • Diamond

No. It should remain the same as it is now. If you have nothing to hide, then no need to lock it. 

big brain boom GIF by HyperX

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  • Sapphire

Leave it as is, there's already enough gear hoarding going on and bases are good enough already. No sense in making it even harder to raid. 

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