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Greetings Everyone!


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Hello all! just recently passed the whitelisting and thought id post here just to say a few things.

1.) I look forward to interacting with everyone on the servers I bet there will be some good experiences and im looking forward to meet some new people.

2.) can anyone offer any tips that aren't in the newcomers guide? anything will be muchly appreciated 

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Hey and welcome to the community! Glad you've used all of the guides that may be of some help to you. I'd suggest just reading over the rules and the lore and really get familiar with them. I'd also suggest reading the reports and the verdicts for them, it's very time consuming but can help elaborate on some of the rules and you can see how they work in action. You're always welcome to join the community DayZRP discord and talk to others there, as well as jumping into "waiting for staff help" and speaking with one of our trusty Support Team members.

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Welcome man, hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to the community good to hear you were successful in your whitelist. You will have a blast here dont worry that you dont know anyone yet just explore and before you know it you have a group of friends.

Some advice some people take IC actions into OOC emotionally just try and remember that everything that happens IC should stay IC for example if you are held up and tortured for example that should stay IC alot of people who do hostile rp are decent folk. If you arent happy with an interaction try and talk to them first, it may have just been a misunderstanding.

If you are unsure of something or dont know what a particular rule means or if you are unsure jump into help desk someone will help you out there. Or put a post in troubleshoot or the questions thread and staff will respond or some helpful member of the community will help or post under help in the discord chat and staff and a load of community members will try and help.

Just remember it's a game made to have fun so have fun and we are here to help when you need it. Read up the lore, read the rules and reports and appeals to get a good idea of how they work and just have fun.

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