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S1: 4.7 Baiting Novaya Petrovka | 2019-11-05, 21:37


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Server and location:  S1 / Novaya Petrovka Apartments

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-11-05, 21:37

Your in game name: Connor Cain

Names of allies involved: @Jean @Tringo @Not Pdizzle

Name of suspect/s: @Ryan Shepherd @KennethRP & many other people I don't know the forum names of.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None/Unknown

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: We were hanging around the apartment waiting for somebody to show up when a few men came up and started talking to @Not Pdizzle asking questions about the place and who we were. After talking for a little they started insisting on us letting them in, we declined their requests several times telling them why they can't come in after which they started getting a little aggressive towards us. During our talk one of the men below was attempting to guess the codes from the front gate as it was only a 3 dial lock, which I believe @Not Pdizzle asked him to politely stop trying to guess the code, he ignored the request and kept going at it. When one of them gave up on trying to guess the codes somebody started sawing off the lock from the front gate which is when @Tringo says "Would you mind not sawing the lock my friend?" and the response to that was "Would you mind shutting the fuck up?" At this point we were discussing if this was baiting or not as they clearly knew we own the place, they were told to stop trying to get in several times ignoring every request, they wouldn't initiate on us forcing us to initiate on them before they would cut off the lock to the front gate which would provide them cover inside the apartment from us. After @Not Pdizzle went to the helpdesk to try and get a clarification on the rules, he was asked to provide evidence so we decided to go along with the situation until it was over. Since it didn't seem like they were going to initiate on us, we initiated on them before they could saw through the first gate, this situation ended in all of us being killed at the end.

I should point out that during the whole chat with the suspects, their allies were taking positions on the nearby apartments/behind corners and it seemed like only more of them kept coming up to the apartment. They mostly had us surrounded with people everywhere around our apartment by the time we initiated on them. This is just another point that leads me to believe they had hostile intentions planned but chose not to initiate and forced us to do so.

The way I see this is the suspects were baiting an initiation from us in order to get an advantage with defender rights as they had many people in the area outside who I assume were not all part of an official group. This leads me to believe that they were breaking rule 4.7

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Was one of the party that was initiated on during this memefest. I shall post my written PoV tomorrow after some sleep. I would like to point out though that @StarScream911's video is clearly edited and would like to remind him that full and unedited video evidence is required in reports.


So here's my PoV:

We rock up to Novaya looking for some roleplay at the apartments, we find it pretty quickly and things start to get heated right off the bat. Given that some of our members had had negative dealings with these people, we took up overwatch positions in case things kicked off. Harsh words are exchanged between the occupants of the apartments and our party outside, so we decide to break into the base and teach these smack talkers a lesson or two. One of the base dwellers was caught outside when we pulled up but made a run for it, after searching for him for a while, we return to the base and begin to lay siege to it by hacksawing our way into one of the apartments. In the mean time, some lad initiates from the apartments for whatever reason, we don't comply and begin to exchange shots. @Realize is subsequently killed because staff members can't pvp @Ryan Shepherd can't cover a window and after a long siege we slaughter the occupants and throw @Jean's character from the roof after she spent like 30 minutes VOIP spamming us over a megaphone and for her gruesome slaying of our resident Jew @KennethRP.

Now, onto the accusation of baiting. I fail to see where we baited any of you, at any time during this situation. For the most part, our interactions were rather genial until you started telling Shepherd to shut up and your friend ran away instead of RPing. You guys took up some defensive positions, started laying down a load of HESCO barriers to use as cover and generally became pretty unresponsive. The moment we started hacksawing your locks, given that we were aware it was your base and that it was currently occupied, there was no need for you to initiate on us. You could have simply shot at us and then we would have initiated. Of course, we tried to be sneaky about it as a defensive position always confers an advantage, especially in apartments as they are aids to push; though unfortunately you guys picked up on our actions and our cover was blown. If anything, we were at a significant disadvantage in this fight, though through the power of friendship and .308 we managed to prevail.

In actuality, there was never any need for you to initiate, the ball was in our court in that regard and we instigated the first hostile action that gave you kill rights on us, not the other way around. Your decision to do that was purely your own and we reinitiated on the buildings to give you guys a chance to comply, though in the end you were all killed. This cannot be baiting as we delivered kill rights to you gift wrapped and ready to go. My statements here are supported by the words of the owner himself, seen in this thread:



All in all I was very surprised to see this report go up and, whilst I possessed a recording of some of the situation, I deleted the majority of it as it was not of any further use to me. My remaining video is seen here, clipped after the fight due to my outrage at being bad and not fragging anybody. Apologies to the GM team for such an appalling video.



As an aside, if you guys wish to talk this out instead, shoot one of us a PM on discord.

Edit 2: I would also like to clarify for the GM team that, in my 39 glorious seconds of video, there are no players within VOIP range of me, hence why I do not double mic my communication with my team mates.

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My Pov:

I and the other Vultures were travelling north, being a recently new member I just followed didn't really ask why, when we arrived I ran into town 1st of because I was thirsty and needed to get some water, at this point the others in the group were talking with the fine people of the library, @KennethRP was talking with the people inside the apartment asking them if he would be allowed inside to read the books they have, they told him no, at which point one of the Vultures noticed a man running away from the apartments and seeing as they wouldn't let us in, we decided to chase the man down, but sadly he was lost I remained on the rooftop of the other apartment, as the high ground was good to give call outs on the surrounding town if I spotted the man again.

After losing the man the rest of the vultures and some Irish fellows come back to the apartments were the conversation continues but this time turns very heated the normal name-calling and all that great stuff, so @AndreyQ decides enough is enough and starts to hack saw the lock of the main gate, I'm still positioned on top of the other apartment across the road and I start to see Hesco barriers fly up in spectacular fashion presumably to use as cover, when they are all setup with the barriers the man inside tells everyone outside to put their hands up, I give callous to the rest of the squad that there is possibly 3 individuals inside the apartment to the right and I haven't seen no movement to the left, a man peaks me from his roof top to mine but can't get an angle as I am protected by a wall, this is when I made my worst mistake of asking @Ryan Shepherd to cover me, asking him to hold the position he peaked prior he responds with ''Yeah i gotcha'' and I start to crawl backwards and the guy peaks and kills me end of my pov.

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I rocked up to Novaya to look for roleplay on this roleplay server. I see the base at the blocs so I pull up. RP with the guy in front for a bit, ask him for a copy of "10 ways to kick down a door IN RUSSIAN" as I gave mine away, turn around, then turn back and the guy yoinked it out of there in a heart beat. We go look for him, find a random guy looking like a military barrack with legs so we go back to the library.

They are all now locked up inside and start talking shit. We talk shit back. Me, a roleplay intellectual, pull up on their gate and start hacksawing while they are still shit talking. My sneak level was not high enough and they found out so they drop an initiation but I don't move an inch as I am not scared by the people talking shit from behind the safety of their walls. Some random noise on the megaphone happens. I then hacksaw another gate. Noise from megaphone continues. Move up the stairs and hacksaw another gate. Noise from the megaphone still a thing. I move further up the stairs and hacksaw another gate. Megaphone noise. I move up the stairs and hacksaw another gate, but this time some people turn up in front of me. I am not impressed so I keep hacksawing the lock and they throw a flash at my face. I laugh. I start hacksawing the gate and they throw a second flash at my face. Laughing intensifies. I go back to hacksawing the gate while bodies are dropping in front of me. Megaphone noise was still a thing throughout this amazing hacksaw operation as I was unable to disable VOIP sound.

Once I am done I continue my normal day by going up a ladder and being trapped in a tight box with 6 manly man while @Kordruga was taking care of the barbwire. We jump over the box and then inside the other apartment. @KennethRP gets killed by @Jean so I shoot her leg rendering her unconscious. Seeing as we are primal roleplayers we talk shit over her body which we take at the top of the apartment bloc. We wait for all the lads to come up. Me and @APositiveElmo decided to do art by painting the pavement with her body so we yoinked her off the bloc. Some of the lads were interested in art as well.

We go loot the base and after 4.76 minutes of intense vector math and using machine learning algorithms we manged to get through the 7 gate system that they have (number may or may not be inflated). After passing the puzzle we got to the stash and took some things that we wanted. Unfortunately couldn't find the "10 ways to kick down a door IN RUSSIAN" book, nor many books for that matter of fact, so instead I took 25 hacksaws to read for later.

Overall no bating occurred. People in the building talked shit, we start breaking in, they initiated, pretty sure we even initiate back on them giving them the chance to comply but they thought Ivan Bernarus couldn't get through. Big mistake.

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20:45:08 | Player "Connor Cain" is connected
22:12:57 | Player "Connor Cain" has been disconnected
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22:44:09 | Player "Katherine Jones" is connected
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20:45:40 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" is connected
23:12:17 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" has been disconnected

20:45:13 | Player "Bori Oplov" is connected
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22:37:44 | Player "Winston Caldwell" has been disconnected



21:48:20 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M417 from 38.2412 meters 
21:48:20 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Vladimir Visus" with M417 from 38.2207 meters 
21:52:44 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:52:44 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 0 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:52:44 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:55:47 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 6.42632 meters 
21:55:47 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 6.2758 meters 
21:55:47 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 6.04903 meters 
21:55:48 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:55:48 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:56:55 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FN-FAL from 5.94124 meters 
21:56:55 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FN-FAL from 5.95757 meters 
21:56:55 | Player "Connor Cain" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 5.96071 meters 

21:37:18 | Player "Winston Caldwell" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.8573 meters 
21:37:19 | Player "Winston Caldwell" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.7356 meters 
21:37:19 | Player "Winston Caldwell" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.7356 meters 
21:37:19 | Player "Winston Caldwell" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.7356 meters 
21:37:19 | Player "Winston Caldwell" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.7356 meters 
21:54:35 | Player "Bori Oplov" hit by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 106.839 meters 
21:54:39 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Bori Oplov" with FN-FAL from 99.1158 meters 
21:54:39 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Bori Oplov" with FN-FAL from 99.1158 meters 
21:57:06 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Bori Oplov" with FN-FAL from 60.1661 meters 
22:00:19 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Jim Pickett" with AK-74 from 29.4605 meters 
22:00:20 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Jim Pickett" with AK-74 from 30.4246 meters 
22:00:21 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Bori Oplov" with FN-FAL from 153.21 meters 
22:00:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd" with M1A SOCOM from 53.4689 meters 
22:00:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd" with M1A SOCOM from 53.4689 meters 

21:33:09 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" hit by Fence with MeleeDamage
22:00:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd" with M1A SOCOM from 53.4689 meters 
22:00:23 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd" with M1A SOCOM from 53.4689 meters 
22:00:27 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" hit by FallDamage
22:03:58 | Player "Ryan Shepherd" hit by M16
22:16:38 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd"  into RightArm(17) for 14 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)
22:16:45 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ryan Shepherd"  into Torso(1) for 3.5 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)

21:52:44 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
21:55:48 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" hit by Player "Connor Cain" with FlashGrenade_Ammo into (-1) for 5 damage (FlashGrenade_Ammo)
22:04:38 | Player "Ivan Bernarus" hit by FallDamage
22:08:15 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ivan Bernarus" with AKM from 9.52528 meters 
22:08:16 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ivan Bernarus" with AKM from 9.52528 meters 
22:08:16 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ivan Bernarus" with AKM from 9.52528 meters 
22:08:16 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ivan Bernarus" with AKM from 9.52528 meters 
22:08:16 | Player "Katherine Jones" hit by Player "Ivan Bernarus" with AKM from 9.52528 meters 

22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.63444 meters 
22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.63444 meters 
22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.64486 meters 
22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.64134 meters 
22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.64134 meters 
22:08:00 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.64134 meters 
22:08:01 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" hit by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 7.59985 meters 

21:27:53 | Player "Gregori Shmopov" hit by Player "Jim Pickett"  into RightArm(17) for 7 damage (MeleeFist)
21:29:22 | Player "Gregori Shmopov" hit by Player "Jim Pickett"  into RightArm(31) for 7 damage (MeleeFist)
21:29:23 | Player "Gregori Shmopov" hit by Player "Jim Pickett"  into RightArm(20) for 7 damage (MeleeFist)
21:37:53 | Player "Gregori Shmopov" hit by Player "Jim Pickett"  into RightArm(31) for 7 damage (MeleeFist)
22:00:19 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Jim Pickett" with AK-74 from 29.4605 meters 
22:00:20 | Player "Jaakob Mets" hit by Player "Jim Pickett" with AK-74 from 30.4246 meters 

21:57:31 | Player "Unknown/Dead Entity" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 7.4716 meters 
21:57:31 | Player "Unknown/Dead Entity" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 7.4716 meters 
21:57:31 | Player "Unknown/Dead Entity" hit by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 7.4717 meters 



21:37:19 | Player "Winston Caldwell" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jaakob Mets" with M14 Springfield from 31.7356 meters 

21:56:55 | Player "Connor Cain" (DEAD) killed by Player "Arvid Nilsson" with M16A4 from 5.96071 meters 

22:00:19 | Player "Jaakob Mets" (DEAD) killed by Player "Jim Pickett" with AK-74 from 29.4605 meters 

22:07:59 | Player "Arvid Nilsson" (DEAD) killed by Player "Katherine Jones" with AKM from 5.64134 meters 


@StarScream911 | Connor Cain | OP
@Jean | Katherine Jones | POSTED
@Tringo | Jaakob Mets | POSTED
@Not Pdizzle | Samuel Ledford | POSTED
@Cuchulainn | Gregori Shmopov | POSTED
@Ryan Shepherd | Ryan Shepherd | POSTED
@Realize | Winston Caldwell | POSTED
@KennethRP | Arvid Nilsson | POSTED
@GMAK | Jim Pickett | POSTED
@APositiveElmo | Bori Oplov | POSTED
@Kordruga | Vladimir Visus | POSTED
@AndreyQ | Ivan Bernarus | POSTED


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@Fae The evidence provided is a 30 second shadowplay clip provided to me by @Tringo, he saved it right before @Not Pdizzle went to the helpdesk in case we'd need it later on. Unfortunately this is the only clip of the situation that we had.

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My POV is more or less the same. So I will make a resume or explain the situation that I think it's needed to make clear.

We were at appartments organizing a bit, because we had to wait for someone that was coming to meet us. Then they showed up. First Kenneth asking what was that. I don't know if Kenneth was playing another character than 2 days ago when he visited us the first time, because he had the same armband but he was randomly asking what it was when he was 2 days ago there.. So I played it was the first time we met. And He was asking what was the appartments. One of my mates was answering the questions because he was outside of the appartments. He said it was a library.
I was Rping with text rp from the begining to provide RP experience.

The thing is, they wanted to get a book, and we told them we got robbed so the library was close. And they tried to make it sound that we were keeping the books for ourself. They wanted to see the library because they wanted to read a book. I mean, first they didn't know what it was and after they knew they were looking for a book. It sounded a bit like "forced excuse to break in" as you know, later they were sawing the locks. What we experience is a forced situation. like we had no option than initiate. First because we didn't know all of them and they were breaking in. Which other option we had?

It's true. I was talking using megaphone, and it wasn't toxic or annoying in my opinion. At the end they were still there, if they wouldn't like it they could leave. It was the story of a great guy. My character was using that to relax. Because that kind of situations stresses her out. More even. They weren't talking it was really silent. better someone telling a story than 20 minutes of listening a saw.

Well then they go to the roof I shot Kenneth down and they got me unconcious finishing with RP at the top and I did colaborate to give (I hope) a good experience at the end.

- Trully said, I would want better rp next time. I get tired of hearing people using the "bitch" word that much, to pretend they are evil or something like that.

- BTW Kenneth, you play a character I play mine. If I have accent that I know I have, and I'll probably have my entire life, can you just ignore that fact instead of saying that I don't speak proper English all the time? It would be great. I have never said to guys playing spanish characters that they don't speak proper spanish. If you know what I mean.

@Fae maybe I am missing something I don't know

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My POV is pretty much the same also. 

We were waiting at the apartment for someone when a we see a huge group of people comes up on us out of nowhere and instantly starts taking positions around the apartment and on the roofs of the apartments next to us. Its quite obvious that they are not there to just chat and just want to break in and are there pretty much just for gear just like our other recent encounters with some of these people. After a while of just talking and having them be rude against us we start being rude back with the exact same lines they used, which I guess is what @AndreyQ meant by "talking shit". And that was after they had already tried to guess our codes and were just screwing around. Shortly after is when they started sawing the lock and thats when I nicely asked them to stop as seen in the video. Shortly after is when we got pretty much forced to initiate on them and from there my POV is just being cautious and peeking out to shoot every once in a while. Thats when I killed @Realize and traded shots with @APositiveElmo as seen in his epic clip.

Ended up getting killed while peeking out shooting at someone and thats pretty much it.

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Hello all,

Unfortunately I am at work and will not be able to write out my full POV for about 6 or so more hours. I will do so when I get home. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Samuel Ledford's POV:

So I was going about my day like the whitename I am. Doing some simple stuff near the Novaya apartments waiting for an old acquaintance to stop by. After killing a cow and bringing the meat back to base, @KennethRP the not so looking hobo shows up at the front door. I leave the front door and begin to talk to him. As I do so I make sure to lock the door behind me for safety reasons due to us getting raided a lot recently. Myself and Kenneth, and a few other men who showed up not to long after, start to have a conversation about books and the library. After a bit of talk and the lovely ex-district man  @Ryan Shepherd arriving things start to get exciting.

A bit of back and forth begins between the men outside and @Jeanabout who has a bigger dick, Shephard starts trying to guess the lock, and men start taking what looks like defensive positions on the roofs above. After asking the level 99 locksmith, Shephard, to stop guessing the lock and a bit of confusion I start to realize I should try to run away before I get yoinked. Eventually all the kind men turn away, for whatever reason, and I see the perfect opportunity to zip right out. As I'm strung out on some epi and running at the speed of light I peak over my shoulder to see a few men trying to chase me down. I zigzag through the trees and make my grand escape. From there its pretty much the end of the not so amazing story of Samuel.

Now this is where the report part of the story comes into play. I get told that someone, I think the chad of a russian man, starts sawing off the lock. Im not too sure where the IC conversation went from there, but I decided I should go to staff desk and ask if they have any insight on how we should try to handle the weird situation we were in. I get greeted by I think @Alan Woods, I have a shit memory so I might be wrong, and I pretty much get told the line "try to find a way to solve it in RP or initiate on the people sawing the locks." I go back into the comms and tell @StarScream911and @Tringothat it seems there is no other choice to initiate at this point. From there I dont really know what happens. I kinda just sit around Novaya and make sure im not getting hunted anymore. After about 45 mins of getting away I take a snooze in a forest and dream about going to work.

Outside of ziping away like sonic the hedgehog, I really dont have too much to add that another POV would already have.

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Added POV
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Hello, Kenneth here.

Arvid Nilsson POV:

I was chilling up to novaya to get som RP under the belt. I meet some people at the apartments and start talking. They had some liberary going. I ask a man to see the books since you can usually do that in an liberary. @Jean inturupts me when i talk to the man and i tell her kindly to shut the fuck up since im talking to someone else and she cut me off. She kepts cutting me off and I call her a bitch and stuff. She keeps telling me to not asume her gender and that she has a "huge penis" i get annoyed and tell her to shut up even more. She keeps talking about shit like that and @AndreyQ starts to saw of the lock. I get asked IF we are fucking with the lock and I deny it.

All off a sudden they tell us to put our hands up or die so i rum for cover and thr fight starts. @Jean starts shanting shit over a megaphone like a sovjet propaganda officer with shit like "life and death, its all the same" We get trough some gates and i help push the appartment. I gas some dude trowing flashgranades at @AndreyQ. Still with the constant propaganda in the backround like some ocult meeting. We get to the roof and the megaphone get quite atlast. I push to hard and get smacked. 

@Jean I have no clue where your character is from. I just go out of accents ingame. I say the same stuff to russian characters and everyone overall. Nothing personal. I just said i had a hard time hearing what you are trying to say. And i got aggressive when you kept cutting me off saying not to assume you gender. Even when i have met you before. Talking about how big of a dick you have. If you talk shit you get shit back. Again. All IC, i like you OOC and known you for years.

Have a good day y'all.

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Logged in to Novaya and was told about some troublemakers in the apartments. After some rude words from the apartment dwellers @AndreyQ had enough and started to force his way in. For some reason they didn't fire upon us but instead asked us nicely to stop. Even though they knew they were heavily outnumbered, they decided to initiate hostilities and pinned myself and @Realize on an apartment. The poor young GM caught the smoke because of some slow, low IQ reactions from my good friend @Ryan Shepherd. After some more hacksawing from @AndreyQ the apartment boiz try and stop him and one is killed. Another is fragged by undercover support member @GMAK. After some more hacksawing from @AndreyQ we break through to the weird book lady who had been screaming over a megaphone that she's a boy. The book lady kills our resident Jew @KennethRP and @AndreyQ knocks her uncon. We get some RP going and eventually throw her off a building

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Kenneth you never heard that word from me. xD I have never said that. I called myself big boy. to stop you insulting or "I am just talking to the men, shut up woman..." etc kind  of comments like that.
You can check your videos. And of course you were rude to me from the begining, so what did you expect. If you don't know where is my character from then don't freaking mention it. Just say "I didn't get it" or "can you repeat it please?" that would be great.



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El Bandito POV: Hola amigos, El Bandito here with my pov of the situation. Me, Shmopov and Chong Li are wandering around looking for some roleup when we decide to head to Saviors country, Novaya Petrovka. Mr Shepherd told us that there was a situation occurring up there so we decide to go there as the triangle was as busy as it usually is. Along the way we RP and Chong Li tells me his heartbreaking backstory, if you're reading this I advise you go give it a read, truly riveting.

Now onto the occurrences of what happened at the apartments. We arrive and hear a woman on a megaphone, she had a voice of an angel and immediately I knew it was my job to save her from this dangerous situation, I had to be the hero she needed, the hero she deserved. Not long after we hear a rain a gunfire, now I knew she needed by help more than ever. But before I could give her all of the assistance she needed we are told by people in the apartments to leave or we will be shot, this caused El Bandito to go loco holmes so me, Shmopov and Chong Li initiate on the apartments to be safe.

I go on the opposite apartment building to try and get a view of what is happening inside and provide Overwatch 2. It's at this moment I hear it again, the voice of a angel. I knew I had to talk to her for this might be my last moment to say what I needed to say before I possibly met my untimely death. We talk and express our feelings, I caress her with Spanish as it is my characters only language he speaks and to my amazement she understands me. I tell her I love her and she says it too. We lock eyes from across apartments and without saying a word I know she wants me to rescue her, she wants me to be her hero. As I gazed into her lovingly eyes a man appeared from the roof of her building and begins shooting at my one of my allies, the danger he was putting my love into meant there was only one thing to do, I had to kill him, not for me or my friend who was under fire but for my love. So I shot him dead. 

The rest cleaned up the situation as we talked to each other across roof tops, two star crossed lovers, me Romeo and she Juliet. We may have been from different families both at war with each other but that didn't matter we had each other and that was all that mattered. To my shock and horror when my good friend Kenneth approached the room she was in he was met with a hail of bullets which cut him down in his prime. I couldn't believe it, had she betrayed me or was she just sacred for her life? This didn't matter anymore as she had shot one of us she had to be dealt with. It was decided she was to be thrown of the apartment building she resided in. A bulky strong Russian brute fired he off the roof, as her body dropped down to the floor I had teardrops in my eyes, she had grabbed me by the hands and said she was afraid to die, I told her its too late, my love its time to say goodbye and she died in front of my eyes, blood all on my shirt. El Bandito could not go on without her, without her love he did not want to go on. So as her Romeo he drank the same poison she did and jumped from the roof to his death, thus ending the tale of El Bandito.

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Hello gamers! Resident Ryan Shepherd here.. yet again.

Long story short:

Rock up to Novaya after we hear shots whilst at bash. @KennethRP is first to the scene. After some boring chit chat, I begin to speak & I am told to shut the fuck up by a man on top of an apartment building in his sanctuary. I speak again and yet again he tells me to shut the fuck up. Not the best customer service for a man looking to take out the best selling '10 ways to murder the brits'. At this point I decide its time to lay siege. I ask for a hacksaw & @AndreyQ volunteers and begins to cut whilst myself & @KennethRP try to keep their attention on us. @Jean begins to tells us she is a man which is quite an intriguing story but that's a tale for another campfire... The lovely people of the library ask us to stop sawing the locks however I tell them that is meerly @AndreyQ Ivan Bernarus brushing his teeth.

At this point I had to go AFK in the apartments for around 20 minutes. When I return I have missed some bloodshed & I ask where needs cover. @Kordruga says they need cover from a roof. I tighten up my pair of kinky boots and travel up to the top of the apartment. I await my prey. After sometime @Realize shows his rather large feet, the man peaks, this is my time to shine, however, my game froze my keyboard dropped my laptop fell over my mouse died and my dog ate my homework and a dream of a united Ireland anyways moving on.. cough cough.

@Jean is keeping us entertained by screeching on the megaphone for 45 minutes straight to the point where I began to be hypnotised and wish I was back home in derry.

Moving on.

Some time later, both myself & el bandito @GMAK are watching the roof when the man peaks and both of us light him up like a christmas tree however El bandito was the man to end his life ultimately. 

We lay siege to the maze inside and its 45 doors. We get to the top of the apartments but their is no magic pot of gold just the entertainment division @Jean. The lads fling her like a snot off the building, el bandito @GMAK attempts to catch her to save her life but he begins to plumit, my kinky boots shoelace is tied to el banditos lovely pink slippers and I daisychain behind him like a sack of shit. 

I wake up in the woods.. alone.. strange clothes and feel slightly feminine and slimmer.

The end.


  1. I love bullet points.
  2. We come to Novaya to roleplay.
  3. I am told repeatedly told to shut the fuck up which hurts my characters feelings.
  4. I begin to lay siege secretly.
  5. YOU chose to initiate, you were well within the rules to light us up without initiating.
  6. You made this decision of your own free will, we did not force you to do anything.
  7. We initiate on you back giving you the option to surrender.
  8. You all die.
  9. Cutting a lock is in no way against the rules nor should your first thought when things aren't going you way is to go to the helpdesk. 

As elmo says, he is more than happy to discuss this in voip like gamers.

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Shmopov PoV:

Myself, and my two amigos decided to embark on a journey toward Novaya Petrovka. On the way Mr El Bandito was actin up so I had to hit him a few slaps and we then were fine. We shared some delicious Chinese delicacies in the woods. Upon arrival in Novaya we hear a womans voice over a megaphone, instantly El Bandito falls in love, as he does with any woman he meets, and doesn't stop trying to get her attention. Some man tells us to get out of town or something as bad things were happening and then more shots pop off, I throw up my hands and don't get involved with any of the shooting as I am on the path of becoming a successful businessman so I stay inside a building neighboring the area. I recognize Mr Shepherd and stick close by for a bit. After the conflict I seize the opportunity to take free shit, with the death of El Bandito I say my farewells to my dearest travelling companion and make my way to a comfortable location to wait out the cold, dark night.

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The Vultures and allies approach the camp on the outskirts of Novaya Petrovka located at the apartments, @KennethRP is the first to arrive and is met by an individual of the library. After a short conversation the man runs away as the rest of the Vultures and their allies approach, they give chase and try to catch up with the man to question him. After searching for the man they decide to give up and return to the apartments, some heated back and forth ensues where members of the Vultures are asking to be let inside the library to rent a book. They are denied access by the occupants. This is when @AndreyQ begins to saw the lock of the front gate and the occupants inside the apartment initiate on the vultures and allies, a firefight then ensues and the Vultures kill all inside and take siege to the apartment.


The staff team reviewing this report have come to the conclusion that this is not, in fact, baiting. This is because the group inside the base already had kill rights on the Vultures because @AndreyQ was sawing off the lock to their base, knowing they were inside. This is considered a hostile act, and all Vultures outside are now considered attackers. Those inside are now defenders, as they are defending their base from a siege. @Ryan Shepherd, @Cuchulainn and @GMAK, these people became involved when the initiation was given by the people inside the apartments, giving them defending rights. They chose to not comply with the demands of the initiation. A firefight then took place where all participants had valid kill rights.


ACCUSED (Vultures + Allies) - Baiting - NOT GUILTY

SIGNED: @Fae & @Voodoo 

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