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*Oswald would begin broadcasting on an old frequency under unknown circumstances.*

"My friends... our aspirations, to me, feel like nothing but a distant memory now, but part of me yearns for them still..."

"Like a child, I sometimes feel nostalgic for events that never really happened. Part of me is unable to forget."

"We failed ourselves... indubitably. We lost a grip and allowed our legacy to be tainted by worthless figures who had no business impeding. Warmonger y was never the intention."

"But alas, here I am, speaking to the dead."

"Contact me if you still have hope, I will know your voice."

"Měj se dobře" 


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  • Sapphire

*Vanessa presses down the PTT*

"Hope is all we have left, isn't it? What else do we have if we don't have hope?"

"Hope can be plenty. Doesn't matter if its big or small. Hoping you will survive one more day, or simply just hope the world we live in one day will be somewhat what it once was."

"I believe that everybody has hope about something, maybe even..."

*She suddenly stops with a slight nervous stutter before speaking once again with a lower tone*

"Maybe even with not that good in mind.. Be careful and take care.."

*She sighs deeply before she releases the PTT*

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*Oswald would smirk slightly at the broadcast, take a second to ponder then transmit.*

"I would usually agree young lady, but perhaps sometimes hope is not deserved..."

"I expect you speak out of ignorance, as I can only assume by your latter tone you would not be sympathetic if placed in my shoes..."

"... Still, you never know... maybe..."

*A long pause would play out.*

"Tell me, if you wouldn't mind, what exactly compelled you to broadcast those words? One may be lead to believe you are in need of hope yourself perhaps?..."

*Oswald would cut the transmission, bite his lip in contemplation and continue walking.*

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  • Sapphire

*Vanessa listens closely to the radio and thinks for a moment before pressing down the PTT*

"Out of curiosity, I guess..”

“Im curious if somebody out there has the same hope as me. Im starting to doubt it after things I have seen.” 

“People killing, stealing and only thinking about themselves.”

“If only we all worked together maybe my hopes and dreams would come true..”

“But.. Most people seem to want to keep things as they are, sadly..”

“Perhaps I’m in need of more hope. Hope in humanity.. Hope in the future..”

“May I ask what your hopes and dreams are, sir?”

*She releases the PTT*

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*He would answer with a sigh.*

"I used to strive for equal order and accountability, but that was a long time ago now..."

"I have worked in managing some of the most detestable people in this country, hope in humanity lacks any proportion after that..."

*PTT Cuts.*

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