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  • Emerald

*Joe would sit at his campfire with his good friend and brother Leo by his side*
*He would press the PTT*

"Hey there brothers... Its been a while. Uhhh..."

"I have just returned to Chernarus and found Leo, who I've been travelling with for a bit"

"Look, I know we've had our differences but If you are listening, I'd like to hear from you."

"So.. Dustin... Sammy... Damien... Siggy..."

*He would let go of the PTT and put his radio down*

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  • Sapphire

*Leo, sitting next to Joe would also grab hold of the radio*

"Uh.. Yeah you all disappeared again and I feel like you guys might be overreacting a bit."

"Listen, I don't know what you all argued about but we're not in a good shape."

"Loads of us died, and now we're scattered. Is that what this club is about?"

"Don't fucking give up."

*He would let go of the radio and return to cooking his chicken*

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  • Diamond


Sammy wakes up as the Radio message is coming trough,when he heard his name he recognized the Voice of Joe.

He grabs his Radio and answers.

If i ever wanna Die i do it myself you Fucking Cunt!

The Club is Dead and you should be too!

Sammy throws the Radio into a corner of the Room and goes outside.



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