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Meta gaming in Novy Sobor

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Server and location:  DayZRP Chernarus

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  circa 2: 30

Your in game name: Michael Whaley

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: I'm not sure.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events: While I was in Novy Sobor, I ran into a bunch of zombies, killed the zombies, shortly after, this guy runs up to me and we start talking, we run through novy sobor, we start talking, he tells me there are people in the next town over that are confiscating weapons if you don't have a weapon's license, so whatever, we're standing next to each other for ten minutes or so, it starts raining, and he and I go into a church. While we're in a church, one of these guys comes in, he was wearing heavy flak and a red beret, and starts asking me about the weapons on my back, and asks if I have a license, I tell him no, and then I told him that I wasn't going to give him my weapons, and (I thought he was alone, guessed wrong bc the guy who i was with was with him), and I pulled out my AK, I pointed it at him, and I told him ''this is my license'' so, then he starts moving back and forth, to get his head out of my sights, which I mean, if you have a gun pointed at you point blank IRL you're not going to be moving back and forth so he can't shoot you in the head, and they both start going "oh no, don't shoot him" all sarcastic like or whatever, and the other guy shoots me. 


EDIT: while it may have been subpar RP i'm not disputing that, I don't know how this guy found our location, if I was standing next to the other guy the whole time, so I suspect the other guy messaged his friends on discord or what have you, because the guy walked straight up to me and was asking me for my licenses, and not the other guy, who said he had his.

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Hello @Michael Whaley,


After witnessing you talk this out in the discord, we are happy to close the report. In the future should you ever wish to speak with the other party before opening a report, feel free to join Waiting for Staff Help and we'll put you in contact with them.

With that said; Report closed.


Signed By: @Rover, @Hofer, @Peril


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