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Creation of WHITE HAND - Mano blanca DRUG!


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  • Diamond

After stockpiling drugs, I have found in this new world for the past couple of weeks. I consult my amigo Steven ice and ask about his ability as a cook. Steven once told me he could create anything from everyday items and had a small talent preparing product for some dealers back home. This gave me an idea, what if I could have Steven cook with some of the supplies, I had collected throughout my travels while I'm stuck here I this place.  

Steven, without a skip of a beat said, “[email protected]#K YES..about time we get down to real business”. Steven and I would travel and find a suitable Lab to be built for our new product adventure. After a few days looking for a good area, Steven and I brought our stockpile of supplies to our location to start our new business. After unloading and setting up a small lab with the equipment we scavenged from schools and hospitals, Steven took inventory and starting writing down the possible options that we could create with what we had. In the next few days, Steven and I started cooking and experimenting with the product that was hopefully going to change the way we do business.  

Trial and error were only something that we could do with tools we had, understand that having to find gas for the generators, propane for the burners and of course the drugs we could find for our new recipe for something great. We were making great progress in a couple and actually had the product to try. Steven and I gather around ten people looking for something to make the pain go away. These people were all told the testing of this drug is something that could cause death and even more pain if not done correctly. Everyone agreed. 

We had three batches of Steven’s home drugs that we were about to give to ten people. The Next few days was a nightmare.... maybe even a mistake. Out of ten individuals we ended up with six left. These six and the last batch to test. They all agreed to do it together. What came next was amazing.  

All six seem to have be given what they were looking for, THE HIGH. I gave these six a place to help them get through their ride and also gave us the time to watch and observe the effects. 12....than 18....than 20hrs have pasted and these people seem to all be having different effects of the drug. After about 23hrs in, they seem to be coming down and are all have again different come downs. After around 27hrs it seems that the drug is passed. All individuals are asleep....  

In the middle of the night the screams can be heard and four individuals are fighting off the two zombies at appear to be the other that were a part of the test. The four took the two down and we examined the bodies. NO bites, NO scratches, NO open wounds, my guess they died in their sleep. Before I made any decision to go any further, I contacted someone that could at least tell us how these two died and look over the other that seemed to be ok. A doctor that was close that I knew, Note the doctor asked to remain unknown. The doctor said the four are ok to manner of speaking. The doctor said, “it seems one that had may have suffered from short term memory loss and the others partial blindness”, one even said, “they couldn’t feel or taste anything”. After about 5 hours off the drugs the four seem to be back to normal. The doctor said,” this drug seems to damage the brain and effect the motor skills of the body. The other two that didn’t make, one had met death from a heart failure and the other what I could see, just completely shut the brain down and didn’t awake up until he was dead.” 

The doctor tried to tell us to get rid of the sh!t. Steven and I looked at each other and I asked, “well should we try it”, Steven replies, “[email protected]#k it I'm down!”.  Steven lets me go first and the feeling...OH MAY HOLLY [email protected]#K! It took me to a whole new world, I felt amazing and almost as I just became super human. The next 27hrs no could follow on my journey. I woke up the next morning and I couldn’t hear, I had to write to Steven on a paper what I wanted. Once I was over my trip, I was good again and felt fine.... except I had this new feeling in my gut like hunger, but something more like a small voice was tell me that I was hungry. Steven looks at me worried and says, “a boss you need to check this out.” 

“The four haven't had any more drugs and they are so aggressive and enraged, it's almost like they need to drug to carry on now. What do we do?” I told Steven “remember we gave them large doses and its only can see, small doses small addiction, large doses more effects bigger high and more cravings.  

The four were given a large dose and sent on their way, but without noticing the white palms the users had. Which the name WHITE HAND was created for this product. STEVEN GET COOKING....WE HAVE A business to get going.  


Stevens Notes:    2x stronger than cocaine 2x more addictive than meth 

random stages of symptoms for WHITE HAND - Mano blanca  

1. Extreme High no feeling 

2. Extreme Energy, can't tell when to stop 

3. Extreme Uncontrollable RAGE 

4. Extreme tiredness, can't stay awake 

random stages of come down form WHITE HAND - Mano blanca 

 Temporary blindness  

 Temporary without feeling or taste 

 Temporary deafness   

 Temporary sickness, coughing, sneezing, shivers 

 Permanently shuts the brain down- DEATH 

 Permanently shuts the heart down- DEATH 

More tests are being done to better understand the WHITE HAND - Mano blanca 

Still looking for a Neutralizing agent 

When the drug is given, you will receive the random number for symptoms the come down is up to the you how you want to RP it out.  

white hand story.png

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  • Emerald

That fucking drug man god damn it got me straight bugging out yo 

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  • Diamond

pull his journal out and starts to write a few things down

"it's been a crazy few days, things in the lab are going as plan as long as Steven sticks to the plan and instructions I think alot of product bus about to hit the streets. Small drops have been made to some willing to give it a go. I got word today that someone from my family might be alive here from the boat. We will see. Can't lose focus on my goal, product needs to get out and than complete the my business with helping those close to me. 

Hector puts away his journal and starts to help the Steven finish up the last vat of mono blanca for the day.

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  • Emerald

*looking over his clipboard containing his notes about mano blanca* “drug has further been seen to cause extreme delusion and ultimately insanity if low doses are administered overtime with no increase in dose, I believe informing hector of this soon is my best option especially with my recent confusion and nightmares, I must be swift to find a neutralizing agent for this drug otherwise I may very well die.” *steven proceeds to hear someone speak to him, but no one is around he is alone in the lab* 

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  • 1 month later...
  • Emerald

“ its been weeks since my last report in this damn book. Its almost like my diary now since the lab blew up. I believe that was two weeks now since then things have severely quited down amongst men of the cartel. Alot of us were killed during the battles. The war is not over and the cartel will never die. *he flips a few pages* “since my last submission A month ago many developments occurred within the lab.  I had finally discovered a much needed neutralizing agent - nothing- simply any compound will only increase the effects of mano one way or another. There is nothing to neutralize. There was potential in toxic cures as it had helped me out but they seem to have run out in these lands so my research on the product was cut short. I belive nalaxone injectors may be retrofitted with an extra compound within the injector that may possibly nutralize the drug. Further research will be done once lab has been rebuilt. For now we have no product but the one needle I managed to salvage from the wreckage this may very well be the last mano blanca for now in south zagoria” “VIVA LA FAMILA”

*steven exhales deeply and closes his dilapidated journal he looks at the calm sky and litens to the birds chirp, he looks at his last  dose of mano, he proceeds to lay it down next to him and falls onto his back laying flat in the snowy plain and goes to sleep* 

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  • 1 month later...
  • Emerald

*steven opens up his old journal last entry a little over a month ago he picks up his pen and writes* “The lab. Everything. Its all gone. I must rebuild. During our time in livonia the cartel has fallen but hector and his work continues. For as long as I live I will create drugs for this man but by god I am depressed from it, I need more for my self. Once the lab is back I will create mano again but for now meth is all I can do. Livonia will be the place for us we will crate something better for the people. I will.” *he finishes writing and lays his pen down into the middle of the page closing his book and letting out a sigh before getting back to cleaning the shop*

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