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Wolf Hunting


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  • Diamond

*A man would go onto the radio, his voice shaking but determined. He would press the PTT*

Hello people of Chernarus, I would like to put a formal bounty on the aggressors known as The Wolfpack. They savagely and without warning attacked a group of poor merchants at the Lopatino Castle, with only a few of us surviving. Anyone that responds to this frequency with knowledge of their whereabouts or can provide a location where proof of their death can be established shall be appropriately awarded. Staff safe my friends, and death to the Wolves.

*The man would release the PTT, 

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  • Moderator

*She'd chuckle holding down the PTT, she'd then take a serious tone*

"Funny innocent merchants that just robbed vybor and then proceeded to try and give us a friendly conversation before turning against us for some 'test'. You were the ones to tell us to put our hands up, and you were the aggressors sir. 

So if you would kindly stop lying I'd appreciate it. 

Maybe you should be the ones to stop savagely attacking people and robbing people just because.

Hope your friends recover and you choose not to hold up innocent people who also were willing to help you after one of your own got hurt at Greenmountain."

*She'd release her PTT*

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  • Diamond

*Pressing down the button firmly on the side of his radio and speaking clearly into it, the sound of a young American teen can be heard amongst the static, breathing heavy with soft grunts of pain*

”You’re...joking right? You came..strong armed people for guns if they had more than one...demanded Phoenyxx and Wolf pack stop helping charity...then even more ridiculously demanded they stop helping all people because in your eyes the weak don’t deserve to be alive. You then attacked the place...I’m lucky to be alive, you shot me...a kid because you don’t want weak people to survive? Then you claim to be the victim?...pathetic.”

*The sound of another sharp inhale of pain breaks the radio before the button is released*

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  • Emerald

*A thick Australian accent booms across the airwaves*

"Looks like we have a bit of anti wolfpack propaganda. Unfortunately anyone that has met the wolfpack or is affiliated with the wolfpack, is going to know that you are full of more shit than a city waste treatment plant."

"They have helped me on more than one occasion, and I have not seen them attack anyone that did not deserve it."

"Keep up the good fight lads and ladets".

*J.D. puts down the radio and starts packing up his kit to move to the next location.*

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A russian voice, with a thick accent yet clear and perscise english came over the airwaves. He pressed down on the PTT, the crackle of static bursting with sound as he spoke.

"This... Volchpakt seems to be attacking many and defending against many more. It seems as if allies are in short order for all people, in these trying times. If what the trader says is true, it is shameful for the pakt. If what the pakt says is true, the traders just may well be trading in bodybags rather than goods. Though it seems the true victim here are the Mountaineers. Their honorable sacrifice shall be kept close in mind."

With a faint -click-, he let off the PTT, leaving the floor open for others to speak.

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*The radio clicks to life as the voice of a girl can be heard*

"Anyone dumb enough to refer to themselves as 'poor' anything is clearly fishing for pity. Think of it this way, if they were actually just 'poor merchants' why the fuck would they be putting on a war front and trying to chase down a group that's only attacked them once? No mention of torture or anything. Seems pretty contradictory to the general attitude of merchants. Anyone who believes them is clearly a fucking idiot."


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