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Should offline base raiding be allowed?


Make offline base raiding against the rules   

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My group's base was broken into while we were all at work (you know...like normal people) We came home to see that our wall was destroyed and our good guns were missing, as well as most our stuff scattered all over the floor. (probably left to despawn) You can imagine this made us pretty upset. I'd also like to note that our group dose NOT have any ongoing hostilities with any other groups. We want to know how the rest of the RP community feels about offline raiding. If you could please vote on the pole, I'd appreciate it a lot.

- Aa-Ron

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  • Emerald

Poll is kinda unclear, should probably just make it ''Should offline base raiding be allowed?''

I think it should be allowed. I get that it can get really annoying for defenders if they get offlined a lot. But at the same time it is kind of weird when a group would prepare a raid and walk over to a base only to leave because the owners aren't home. I mean how do you RP that out. ''Oh I guess they are not home, well lets wait with breaking in until they return shall we.''

Also people are hoarding like crazy, all this stuff that is hoarded in tents won't respawn anymore so looting becomes tedious and incredibly boring when all you find is ammo, but no gun to go along with it. Also big groups would pretty much be safe from raids without offline base raiding. Just keep whatever loot you really want on your character as you log out and expect whatever you leave inside the base to be gone by the time you log back in, and be happy if it is still there. 

ps. If they scattered the loot for it to despawn you should report if for grieving. Having hostilies doesn't necesarrily matter for raiding. Simply being a bandit and wanting to steal whatever is inside is enough reason to raid. 

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  • Legend

Your poll is worded extremely strangely, and people can vote on both options.


There will not be a rule put in place to prevent base raiding. That is just silly.

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  • Aa-Ron changed the title to Should offline base raiding be allowed?
  • Diamond

If they took stuff with them it's okay, but seing as they took the time to throw some of your stuff on the ground to despawn, that's griefing. 

But on to the topic, offline raiding is not and should not be regulated. It stands as a measure to keep hoarding at a minimum and create a loot economy. Also, just because you have no hostilities, that doesn't mean nobody can raid you. 

First thing would be to not attach to gear. If you want to be on the good side, invest into passive defensive measures, such as barbed wire, mines and bear traps, the last 2 must be placed inside your base. 

This thing has been discussed numerous times, here on the forums and also on Discord and it always ended with no measures being taken, because these measures or rules as you would like to call them, are not needed. 

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  • MVP

Not this thread again



Offline raiding is vital to a healthy loot economy, it means weapons will stay in circulation and not locked up in someones basement.


Threads like these have been made and discussed a 1000 times already, can we put this to rest please?


Also please clarify in your poll which answer is which, I.E:

1. Yes, offline raiding should be against the rules.

2. No, offline raiding should not be against the rules.


The way they are written now is very confusing, and the poll question is phrased differently than the thread title, causing mass confusion.

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  • Titanium

I raid bases when no one is around and i expect people to return the favour.

It's the circle of life.

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  • Diamond

I've raided bases while people were offline. Best advise I can give is, log out with your best stuff or your favorite stuff. Or move in with a large active group. I understand how frustrating it can be but being offline raided is what led me to joining groups. Then I got more RP and made friends. I recommend it, but that's my own opinion. 

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  • Legend

Absolutely not and here are the reasons why. Firstly, without offline raiding players can just create a base but only return for 5 minutes when they need to collect one of their 50 AR's that they have safely stored. Without offline raiding players would be able to abuse the system and just use their "base" as a armory in which could never be stolen from as they are never around, maybe if you get lucky and rock up to their base when they're spending the 5 minutes they have to get geared but that's highly unlikely. Secondly, offline raids allow weapons to be stole, weapons being stole and used means that they are eventually lost and get spawned back into the game. You may or may not know but there is only a certain amount of AR's are allowed to be out in the world at any one time and without AR's being lost due to them being safely stored they will be extremely more rare and you'll never ever see them spawn. 

If you're sick of your base getting raided I highly suggest one of two things. Number 1, you have your base as a RP hub and don't keep valuables in there at all, this will stop players who steal from you once from coming back as there wasn't any loot worth taking so why they go there again when there's a base down the road that always has enough AR's to supply a small army. Number 2, you have your base as said in number 1 but instead of having no AR's at all you instead hide them in a "stash" somewhere out in the boonies.

These are your best bets and it's just best to just accept that you're going to be stolen from. Offline raiding will never be banned for the reasons stated above and maybe even more reasons. With all that said, I'd like to let it be known that these are my personal opinions and they do not represent the thoughts of the admin/staff team, every last word I have posted in the post are my PERSONAL opinions.

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  • Emerald

I remember when base building was first released. Me and @Otto made a sweet ass compound. We didn’t store any gear there really. We found tents and barrels and brought them there but we didn’t care if they got stolen. What pissed me off so much was the fact that a certain group knew when we were offline and would wait until then, then they would go in and steal everything including our generators, floodlights, cables, so on. We didn’t give a shit about the stores rifles or tents.

We only cared about the lights. Mostly because it was the only way to light the place efficiently as it was fairly large + it allowed us to blind people if they approached the base gate at night which was totally badass. Anyways. After this happened 3-4 times we finally decided to raid their base and clear them out. Problem was they just came back, stole our shit, then moved base. As you can imagine this pissed off to no end as the base was just suppose to be an RP hub. I understand how you feel and I too think that office base raiding shouldn’t be allowed but without it people just hoard a bunch of shit. In my situation there was no hoarding which just made it worse. 

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  • Diamond

This is so awkwardly phrased.

People should be allowed to offline raid, your stuff isn't magically safe via rules when you're not online.

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No to offline raiding, not because your gear should be somehow magically safe, but simply because it's CLEARLY and SOLELY about gear and encourages ZERO RP

If people get tired of hearing opinions on the same kinds of threads, perhaps they should consider that plenty of people - and especially newcomers - are still having the same old problems that we've never bothered to fix.

(and before you accuse me of wanting to hole up and hoard in my base: I don't build them. Ever.)

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  • Legend

Honestly there's no way to really tell if someone is offline unless you've stalked them back and watched them log out. Imo there's no way to accurately make a rule for it, bases are a 50/50 and usually don't promote rp to begin with unless it's a hub. I don't think bases bring anything to rp.

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  • Emerald

Offline raiding is part of the game , if you are upset about your loot being stolen whilst at work I suggest not to have a base. Keep your shiny stuff on you so to avoid getting upset. 

I have a base also and everything can be replaced. 




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The past couple times I've conducted an "Offline raid" I've made sure to give plenty of vocal rp to my friends & to anyone who may be potentially online. Actively seeking out someone's base when they're offline is kinda sketchy but that's the territory when it comes to playing games like this. Everything can be replaced. It's just pixels. 

If you're upset about your base being raided, then just simply keep your valuables on you and suck it up. 

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  • Sapphire

I'm not even gonna bother to vote on that poll.


I don't really care if people offline raid, because there's tons of bases and if people abandon them they're just ruining the loot economy if they've stashed a ton of stuff in them. There's literally bases that have 10 foot walls and one way doors.

This isn't safespaceRP like other servers and OOC rules shouldn't protect your RP items that you've gathered from doing several laps around military bases in order to get instead of focusing on finding people to RP with. If you're really worried about your things create loot drops (stashes) that you go to each time you need something. 

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  • Diamond

Anyone that voted for this is RPing in the wrong game.

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  • Diamond

I'd say "fix the poll, it's horribly worded" but I know sure as shit nothing will change regardless of this.

I am all for raiding bases when people are there, implementing a rule forcing one way to raid a base won't fix that. From what I've experienced it's a matter of timing. EU vs USA. As anytime I find a base, unless it's a hub, there is usually never anyone online. If someone does login, it presents more RP opportunity which I love to deal with. Generally it ends in a firefight regardless of who pulls the trigger first though.

That being said, rules against offline raiding won't yield the results you may be looking for. If anything it'll encourage more PvP, camping out places, wasting of time for both sides, etc.

TL;DR: No -1

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  • MVP

Bases are mostly used for gear. Raids are done primarily for gear. Bases don’t promote RP because they’re hoarding tools, not RP prompts. Don’t cry if they get raided, that’s just part of the video game.

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  • Diamond
35 minutes ago, William89 said:

This is the key point. Groups should make their bases beautiful, and at nice spots to attract other players. Like pufferfish, or bowerbirds:

  Reveal hidden contents


  Hide contents


I will decorate my base with blue bottlecaps and straws... it will be glorious!

BUT I want to add as well, how would you police this? If you go to sleep and are asleep for 10 hours (if you're a sloth like me) then you get up and go to work for 8 hours, then come home to play some Dayzrp to find, oh no, someone broke in and stole your grandfathers 600 M4s... how are you going to pin point WHEN and WHO.
Do you want the staff to trawl through 18 hours of logs? Because I can tell you, that isn't going to happen.
And, what if someone broke in, stole one thing they needed, and someone else came by later like "oh look a hole in this wall.. ima just help myself to all this 5.56" we dont have logs for that. And we aren't going to look through 18 hours of position logs to find out who raided you offline.

Its not viable, it wont work, even if the community wanted it. Which they dont.

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24 minutes ago, William89 said:

No way! I don't want admins to check this. They already have enough rules to enforce.

The reason why this thread is good, in my opinion, is to bring awareness that some raiders have the Syndrome of Diogenes, and steal things not because they need them, but because they want to steal EVERYTHING inside a base.

I 100% agree that raiders should take all valuable items from the base that they are stealing. They should take all the weapons, and all the nails... that's fine. But why would anybody steal water canteens? or food????

They gotta get that bread silly. If I raid and see food I always take what I can so I don't starve ? If my water bottle is empty and their isn't, hell! Free refill so I don't die of dehydration. It's more realistic to take the food & water than the guns if you don't even need them

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When I saw this topic I voted automatically for offline raiding not being allowed but as I went thru all the comments I just realised its a dead end, all of us that dont want our bases been offline raided, this is not the way.
I myself established trading center just a few days back and since then I've been robbed multiple times even when the only things I have in my small storages is vegetables and common loot (like tools, flares, medical supplies etc...), everything easily replaceable and thats what disappointed me, I dont have anything you couldnt find in a matter of minutes and I need it to have something to trade with = RP opportunities. Well, enough of crying from my side, time to find some compromise...

As I said, there's hardly gonna change the rule about base raiding so I suggest to fix tools we can defend our bases with, there's a few things I've been trying...
1. Picklock - you can lock your door with it, its not very common so you dramatically reduces chance you can be robbed.
Problem: locked door wont persist thru server restart (tested many times) 
Possible problems: multiple abuse of lockind down many doors to keep loot for yourself (newly spawn players wont have chance to loot)
Solution: allow crowbar od sledge hammer to open locked doors (its not for any use except of melee weapon).
Mode: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1897971123&searchtext=doors

2. traps (mines, bear traps) - do I need to explain it? Just make some rooms you dont have use for booby traps :).
Problem: traps wont persist thru server restart (tested on mines)

In my opinion, if dev team manage to fix those bugs, it would generaly contribute to the problem solution which in the end result into nice compromise.

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  • Titanium

Other than banning base raiding of offline players all together there are ways to incentivize people not to raid off line


like for instance if we made it so if you died in an enemies base you were automatically pked


or we gave official groups official bases and the immediate areas surrounding the base they could KOS from inside the base— maybe they would always be KOSable inside their base though idk


just saying these are just examples of ideas that you could incentivize people not to raid offline with rather than out right banning it — cause truth be told also someone can always hide in their base

2 hours ago, APositiveElmo said:

Bases are mostly used for gear. Raids are done primarily for gear. Bases don’t promote RP because they’re hoarding tools, not RP prompts. Don’t cry if they get raided, that’s just part of the video game.

I disagree bases greatly promote RP

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  • Administrator

Loot needs to flow, offline base raiding counters hoarding.

This has been discussed up and down many times.

Offline base raiding is staying.

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