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Appealing a ban


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Why the verdict is not fair: There was no legal combat and no combat logging. I was shot without initiation first, then killed without initiation. I incurred a ban for trying to catch a break of the rules and being killed this way.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

"12:30:28 | Player "Krank Enheim" hit by Player "Jimmy Humperdinck" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 128.656 meters." At that distance Breadman types his initiation? How far does text travel? I did some searching, and unless it is different on these servers, here is the answer I found:

"Direct communication -This is for when others are near you. Your characters mouth moves when talking. Voice does produce noise, but fades over distance and cuts out at 80 meters. Texting range is 20 meters." ( May have been updated to 40 meters though)

If this is the case, Breadman did not initiate combat properly and therefore there was no legal combat. This whole incident stopped being playable after Breadman's first shot.

Breadman was nowhere near me when i was shot by a single bullet in a barn. The angle of the hit meant the shooter was up a hill at a distance to be able and shoot over a fence. No voice would be heard and text not seen. I recovered from that hit and all was good to go, expecting role-play to follow and safe the situation (maybe I was shot in leg only and someone was going to talk to me or whatever)

Once I ran out and was behind the barn I only hit my ESC key (not alt-tab, wrong info) to be able to mouse over to my second monitor and activate the NVIDIA recorder overlay. I was not in any way avoiding engagement with Breadman as i hid behind the barn where i KNEW he could not get me as i was in a compound,csurrounded by built walls and fences.   I hit ESC there. 

Unbeknownst to me  the second illegal engagement came from behind, killing me. Two different issues here. Breadman shooting me without proper initiation and the other guy, anon ( in group with breadman) killing me without rhyme, reason, initiation etc.

I saw me dying and that I was dead. But in order to create the character I want (a certain look) I HAVE to fully exit the game and load to the menu through DZSALauncher, switch characters and then log in. I hit exit and then the cross in the upper right corner and then the acknowledgement screen. No need to wait to respawn as a different looking character and trying to kill myself.

There was no combat to log away from. I was not in a fight with whoever killed me. I was hiding from whoever shot at me without initiating a combat-situation with me and without a dialogue which could lead to some sort of combat.

That illegal kill happened unengaged and against the rules and it seems I am being punished for someone missing an opportunity to roleplay or initiate (breadman) and another to actually legally engage me into combat (Anon)

"@Mr Anon You are not in an approved group with @Breadman and therefor do not share kill rights with him when he initiates on another person". Question would be how Breadman initiated. A text sent which may did not reach me? (It didn't).


What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Reverse the ban. Wait for repeat offenses before issuing a ban. There are warnings players will act on and bans may be reserved for more severe, intentional rule-breaking. In this case I stayed in the game and saw that I died. But since I was not initiated before getting shot at and then killed, this whole scenario is not roleplay, lacked initiation and so I am not involved. Players want to break rules? I will sit back and observe by recording, which got me killed, banned. Instead a ban, maybe advise on how to get the recording started before logging in. (Figured it out by now)    Also, have @Breadman addressed for his failure to initiate fairly before shooting.

What could you have done better?: Not assume all play by the rules all the time, have a recorder running before logging in and knowing the keybinds which start the recording before logging on, avoiding having to start recording during an illegal situation. Like that other time when I was killed without engagement and initiation.   



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Hello @Krank

A separate team of staff members have viewed your appeal and have agreed to accept it.

We understand DayZ is a very buggy and unfinished game, and incidents like this will happen from time to time. Whilst we are aware this is the case, we ask that you be cautious in future with logging out too soon. We believe you were not actively trying to break the rules and are happy to revoke your ban and points. I will add though that we do not issue 'warnings' or 'wait for repeat offences' when it comes to rulebreaks, that is why the appeals system is in place, so that players who disagree with their punishments may state their case.

With that said, 
Appeal Accepted - Ban and points removed

Signed: @Fae + @Randy

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