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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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Wendigo Contracting Corp. 

CEO/Creator: Maj. Ryan M. Dudley 

Co-Owner: Maj. Joseph M. Dudley, Capt. George H. Jackson 

Accounting: Jenna Dudley 

Yearly Salary: 10 - 25.5 milion 

U.S. Licensed: Approved by Senator Jack J. Nicolson

Contracting limitations: none, foreign or domestic   

Security Clearance: Level 4

List of Contractors: 

• Maj. Ryan M. Dudley (Rifleman/Medic)  

• Maj. Joseph M. Dudley(Rifleman) 

• Capt. George H. Jackson (Rifleman/Medic)

• Lt. Jack Murphy(Rincon/Sniper) 

• Pvt 1st Class. Harry Michelson (Bomb Expert EOD) 

• TSgt. Austin Miller (Technical support/Coms)  

• Lt. Juan Caparzo (Machine Gunner) 

• Airman 1st Class. Aldo Raine (Pilot/ Mechanic) 

Wendigo Contracting Corp. Was founded by two brothers the Dudley's it is a in house PMC founded out of california. The two brothers were the best in the game and became a well known Contracting firm, The two brothers started the company with low hopes but quickly got their government license and began working high class U.S. Government contracts in country and out of country. Wendigo was granted level 4 clearance by senator Jack J. Nicolson a very wealthy and powerful man back in the states Nicolson new the Dudley's from there very honorably and decorated roles in a us military the name Wendigo comes from a mystical creature Ryan was once haunted by deep in jungles of Venezuela on a Top secret Op. He was working on when enlisted in the United States AirForce Ryan believes due to his numerous times facing death in the face that when he was witness to the wendigo he felt as if it was always been with him protecting him. Ryan doesn't see the Wendigo as a bad thing he finds it as a guardian Angle in a strange since due to its bad nature. 

The wendigo (/ˈwɛndɪɡoʊ/) or windigo (also wetiko) is a mythological man-eating creature or evil spirit from the folklore of the Native American Algonquian tribes based in the northern forests of Nova Scotia, the East Coast of Canada, and Great Lakes Region of Canada. The wendigo is described as a monster with some characteristics of a human or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous.

Wendigo Contracting Corps.

Quote- Live life in the shadows... Be the hunter not the hunted... I have Genesis once more,  In the blood of a Wendigo  I have the courage to fight on,  Never let me or my men Cide  In the sight of the enemy... I am a Wendigo.


     *Ryan draws creature in his Journal of what he saw in the woods that night in Venezuela what he sees as a Wendigo*  (image below that head with a dark body with a black robe with torn cloth) 




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