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A peak into Ryan Dudley's Past...

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Chapter 1, Past & Present

Ryan Dudley was born in a small mountain town called Ramona, where he grew up with his mom Sandra and dad Alexander Dudley. Ryan was a very smart kid in high school all A+ and set to go to college on a full football scholarship, but Ryan chose to join the Air Force right out of high school due to his height and athletic muscular as he was signing up the recruiter handed him a Air Force Special Forces packet which talked about the PJ's. Ryan had always been fascinated with medicine strange right a jock who had good grades and was into medicine he read the packet on the PJ's which hooked him next thing he knew he was saying bye to his mother and his dad and was going into SF boot camp after boot camp and serving in the PJ's for 2 years he was now 20 he had already served 2 of his years in country fighting he had come back to the states for leave only to have dreams of war he suffered from nightmares and craving to be back in war as it felt like he belonged there after leave he was sent back into the heart of Iraq fighting on the front line this is when Ryan started a journal. He wrote about his feelings in the journal about how he was addicted to the idea of war and the feelings he got towards it how he wasn't scared to die he had been shot twice in the two years both though is upper left shoulder and he already had 12 confirmed kills. Ryan served his next two years and when they told him his time was up he was now known as Maj. Ryan M. Dudley he was a Major after 4 years and he didn't know what to do he began to have his nightmares again till one day he was out on his 5am run when he ran into a beautiful girl he knew who was a younger and was in the same school her name was Jenna Ryan was 22 now and she was 18 he was 4 years older but they had always talked in school she was now graduated and lived in Ramona still Ryan hadn't remembered her being so beautiful but he was starstruck by her they began to talk and fell in love they began dating and as they dated Ryan was in the process of getting his contracting license. Because of Ryan's Rank and Military past they approved his Federal License and allowed him to create the company called Wendigo Contracting corp. Ryan hired some old EX military buddies where they began to do work all over the world some work legit some work hidden under top secret files. Ryans company was pushing close to 3.5 million a year after a few years of being married Jenna and Ryan began to try for a baby jenna was 22 and ryan was now 26 when they had a baby girl they named her Ophelia after Ryans great grandma. Ryan had been in and out of cherno for many years now Contracting little did he know soon the outbreak would spread across the world. Ryan had begin to hear rumors though leaks and from people inside the U.S. Government but he was in country working a high class 25.5 million dollar Contract to Protect the NW Airfield in Cherno as the U.S. government was using it under siege to do tests on the Chernarus - Patient Zero of the virus known as (VX-DRDT2) Alias as (Virus Xero- Drug Resistant Disease Toxicity 2) this meant that the Virus was Drug Resistant meaning no cure found yet, Virus Xero meaning it was something we have never seen before, Toxicity 2 meaning it was able to be transferred through Airborne as well as bites, cuts, or transfers of bodily Fluid. Ryan Contacted his wife and daughter to go to the bank and withdraw as much money as she could and leave the house and go stay with my dad on his small farm. Ryan kept on Contracting the Large Job be security for the NW Airfield people in cherno began Rioting in the streets trying to break into the airfield to leave but this was a world wide event it just hit cherno first, Ryan's Contract only had 2 weeks left but he couldn't take it he knew his guys could hold down the fort he knew there was a empty supplies AC-130 leaving the airfield at 22:00 (10pm) Ryan and 4 of his closest friends board as AirForce Special Forces to mask them leaving but little did they know the Riot on the Northern forests were bad two Cherno Russian Territories snuck into the woods with a RPG as the plane was taking off the 2 men had shot the wing with the RPG causing the plain the crash on the end of the air strip Ryan and two of his men lived Ryans best friend George had a large piece of shrapnel hit him in the throat causing him to bleed out in seconds Ryan came to only to find him dead which pissed him off Ryan exited the burning plane with his two men only to find that cherno soldiers had captured them when Ryan released who did it he walked up within a flash the two men both fell 6 clean precise shots from ryan's Glock 19 two to the chest one to the head the Cherno Russian Guards stood in shock as ryan held his gun up in a tactical stance only to holster it seconds later. Ryan began to run to the ATC building to call in a new fight he knew it was only getting worse but when he got there and called a special distress signal nothing no one answer that's when he heard a nuclear blast a small 1ton warhead was shot from the coast of South Korea striking the Naval Aircraft carrier off the coast of Cherno leaving no Air transports in and out of cherno Stranding Ryan And his men and all the thousands of US soldiers left in cherno. Months had past and the outbreak was spread all over the world the airfield was a safe zone for many months patrolled by thousands of russian and american soldiers and american and russian scientists still studying the cure one day Ryan was on a morning run it was 5am in russia and much earlier in america over the NW base Air Raid sirens Ryan Hard his name being called on the PA *Maj. Ryan M. Dudley please report to the ATC you have important knew from the states from Col. Royland.* Ryan ran as fast as he could he was in running shorts running shoes and a small sweat towel he wiped off his face as he walked up the stairs to the top of the ATC once up there he greeted the Col. in a salute due to it being a video call "Hello Col. Royland what is the news?" Ryan asked nervous *Col. Royland, "Boy you want to sit down for this its not good. its your family theyre... they were found dead."*
*Ryan Dropped to his knees and looked at the ground a tear fell from his cheek and he yelled it was deep and full of anger everyone in the top story of the building stood in shock and fear as Ryan stood back up wiping his cheek and saluted the Col. and walked out*.....

Chapter 2, The days after the outbreak.

2.5 years have past closer to 3 years now... Hi i am Ryan Dudley i have somehow managed to live this long by myself everyone i knew and loved it dead i try to stay strong throughout this living hell but i lose strength every day. i am now 29 will be 30 in april lets see if i live to die of old age and not of the infection or by someone evil.

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