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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryan climbs up very large tree finding a nice large branch to sit on, slowly unzips backpack and pulls out journal* 



November 4th, 2019 

Its crazy to think that in the last life i never had to worry about food or money sure in the line of work i was in i still had to worry a out getting shot but never what i was going to eat. Back before all this i was a million air, owned my own contracting business i was going to fancy partys and could tell my secretary  to get me any food i wanted now... now i have nothing besides the gear i carry on my back money doesn't matter any more only your will and skill to survive. It has been 848 days since the outbreak and the only cure we have solved is the cure to the Air Borne pathogens of (VX-DRDT2). *Ryan laughs softly seeing a old photo of him at a senators party in Washington DC. all dressed up in a suit for business* well i think today will be left at that me just reminiscing over the past how life use to be how much i miss the small things i took for granted in the times before the apocalypse. -signed Ryan M. Dudley.      





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