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The Corporation

Ryan Shepherd

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  • Sapphire

*The PTT is pressed & an Irish accent follows*

"Morning everyone.. Ryan Shepherd here.

I am looking for any information that can lead my in the direction of where 'The Corporation' have set up as home.

These men are up to something, something strange & I want to find out what exactly. Those traveling alone are not safe.

I had not seen them since the truck full that entered Stary Sobor checkpoint, well, those that entered Stary Sobor checkpoint are still there... in the ground.

Yesterday, one of them handcuffed me while I was gathering my thoughts in a house unarmed, when I came to, he was reaching into my pockets. I told him who I was and that I will get to him and make him die screaming, he laughed. Luckily a great friend of mine was nearby & gave me a weapon after I lured the man to a house. I sat him in the car he was trying to fix up & filled his belly with led, a corporation man.

Not long after a friend of mine was shot by a sniper whilst entering Stary, luckily just a wound. The man was found and killed by a friend.

Meanwhile a cowboy mercenary was hanging around suspiciously, even after gunfire. I took him hostage, burned his ears with a gas torch until he told me who he was, turns out he also was an Operator, Operator Griffin to be exact. I also filled his belly with led.

If you, the corporation, are also listening, you best hide, I will come for the rest of you, or just keep sending them & I will keep sending them to heaven, whichever suits.

*He releases the PTT*


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*Yuri chuckled at someone else fighting the corporation as well and picked up the radio*

”Da, I’ve heard of them dying plenty as well my boy’s killed about 8 of them yesterday at VMC hill. If you find where they are again let me know I’ll give you a hand. Dasverdanya.”

*He set the radio down on the table*

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*DJ Chance would chuckle with his boys and press his PTT*

"What's good y'all, as for exactly knowing where they live...? No idea. But those pussies tried attacking the Charity center when we were there just chillen. I killed 4 of em' and the boys each one a piece. I'll give ya anymore information I can find good sir, let me know if you need anymore gunners when you find em' "

*Chance would toss his radio back in the tent and fall asleep on the roof*

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  • Titanium

It wasn’t long after this radio transmission was sent out that Operator R and his team arrived in Chernarus.

After biding his time, he transmitted on the frequency.

I can tell you where to find them.”  The distorted voice ringed out over the broadcasting waves.


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  • Diamond

Sobek pressed the button on the side of his radio.

"Evil minds that plot destruction, sorcerer of death's construction..."

"We'll be seeing you real soon, mister Shepherd."

With that, the radio indicated it was finished broadcasting with a click.

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  • Emerald

*A thick Australian accent broadcasts over the frequency*

"I was held hostage lastnight by them at Green mountain. It looks like they are trying to stir trouble at the charity camp in the Green mountain compound. I was lucky to get away with my life. Not so lucky for the guys that tried to storm the camp"

*There is a small pause*

"From what I could tell they were interested in my blood type and were wearing ping arm bands. They were that jumpy about raiding the camp that there were moments I was left by myself not knowing where or what to do."

"They must have been recruits because they didn't know how to look after a hostage or have a proper plan to infiltrate the compound. Still a dangerous bunch of fellas though, keep safe mate."

"J.D. out"

*J.D. places the radio down and starts to pack up his great to move out*

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  • Sapphire

:: A chernarussian mans voice comes over the frequency ::

"I could probably give you some information on the corporation fucks. Though I think it would be better if it was shared privately."

:: The transmission ends ::

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