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Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Your account is blacklisted. You can find the reason below.

Blacklisted Steam 76561198145613078.

Why the verdict is not fair: I just made a account so i could follow the whitelist procedure, as i clicked onto the whitelist page it said i have been blacklisted and i do not know why that is the case.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I have no idea why my account has been blacklisted, i just made a account to be able to play on your dayzrp servers.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: hopefully be able to contribute to stories and adventures throughout chernarus on your dayzrp servers.

What could you have done better?: Apologies, i fail to see the answer for this question about my issue, maybe bribe admin with can of peaches, (should work they are delicious) 

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Greetings @The_Moose,

Can you please link us all of your Steam Accounts.



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Greetings @The_Moose,

After delving into the reason as to why you're blacklisted it appears that you were blacklisted due to failing to pass the whitelist within 5 attempts back in 2015. You then created an appeal in order to gain another attempt but were unsuccessful with said appeal as it was denied. After discussing your appeal with the admin team we are happy to announce that we will be giving you another chance to attempt to whitelist here at DayZRP by revoking the blacklist from your account. The reasoning behind our decision is that we no longer have a cap on the amount of attempts that you get when trying to pass our whitelisting process and therefore we feel that it's only right to give you another chance to become a member of our community.

With that said,

Signed by myself w/ notes

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