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Times breaks/ Estimates.

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Hi! So i understand you staff members cant be on ALL the time but i was wondering since im 2nd on the queue for the whitelist application, how long will it take ive been waiting HOURS. I am certainly not rushing you guys im just curious about the time approx.

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We get to it when we can, I'm afraid you'll have to be patient! ?


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It honestly just depends on when the Gamemasters get a chance to take a look at them. Currently we have 7 Gamemasters and although you may have been waiting hours it could be that you're 40 in the queue and all those 40 get done in 1 sitting when they check through them. Rest assured our team are working their very hardest to get all of their jobs as Gamemasters done and you should be seen to soon. Just try to be patient with us at this time, thank you.

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It's worth noting that Game Masters have many duties, not just reviewing whitelists, they may be busy reviewing reports, discussing verdicts or otherwise pre-occupied with equally important, and sometimes more important things.


Sit tight however, wait will be over soon.

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