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*A panicked man pushed speaks into the radio*

"This is Yuri, I need medical help fast, I tore my suit while I was in Tisy Military Base, and I got exposed to whatever it is in there. Please help me, I am headed to Grozovy Pass now. I can pay you greatly."

*Transmission ends and Yuri begins toward his destination*

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*A thick Australian accent transmits over the radio*

"G'day Cobba it sounds like you are in a spot of trouble. I have the antigen you are looking for to help cure what we call down here 'toxic exposure'. The only issue is I'm located in Cherno and have no way of getting up north.

If you are able to make it down here without kicking the bucket I'll be more than happy to patch you up.

J.D. out."

*The radio falls silent*

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*An Australian accent booms over the airwaves*

"J.D. here. I'm sorry to hear that Mate, if you are able to make it over the next day I'll try and work my way up north. I'm thinking I'm going to have to set up a medic outpost up there for people that fall to that same fate. Good luck Cobba, keep fighting the good fight."

"J.D. out"

*J.D. let's go of the PTT, gets out his map and starts plotting out a route for the northern sectors.*

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A man begins to speak up with what appears to be a local sounding accent with relatively good English pronunciation. 


<:: "Perhaps this is serving as a warning to stay away from those areas unless you are some sort of military or civilian CBRN expert. I used to serve in the base for a time before this mess, it was housing the 88 Duch NBC company. I did an examination of the area post contamination and can tell you that it is not pretty. The terrain is also a mess to navigate, especially when visibility is reduced heavily. Even as someone who knows the terrain it becomes tough, as stranger you might get lost. 


My advice, stay away. For your own sake. I'm not even making this up to keep people away from some supposed riches or hidden base; the contamination is so heavy, a lasting presence there is not feasible at all and you'd burn through supplies and suits. 


Good luck, I hope you made it or will make it. Out."



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