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Trading post: Staroye

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*radio static is interrupted by a old mans voice*

My fellow citizens of South Zagoria, my name is Viktor Novak and some of you may have noticed that theres some activity in small village called Staroye. In a last few days I've been working on trading center at police station. The idea is to provide friendly trade for all that need something or just want to get rid of anything that they dont need but could imagine something else for it. I myself can trade with various of things such as... 

*talking is interrupted by a sound of paper being unfold*

Fresh organic vegetable like tomatos, peppers, zucchinis and pumpkins
Building supplies but not nails, that I actually need right now
Basic firearms

And plenty of other various things

*sound of paper folding again*

If you wish to trade with me, feel free to come at the place or contact me on my frequency (//discord - Viktor Novák - #2826).

*broadcasting seems to be at end when voice speaks again*

For all of you that would like to steal from me, I do not keep anything rare in my storages so dont bother. Or you can try to risk your life for a few pieces of vegetable or shovel, its up to you.

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*Shmopov hearing this presses the PTT*

Dobry den citizen sounds good to me. I will be dropping by soon, see you den 

*releases PTT*

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