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Transmission to Redwood Radio

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*Sounds of someone butchering his radio, clearly indicating a lack of technological knowledge, precede a transmission in broken english*

Breaky breaky! 

I don't know if this works, I think it does... does it? 

I just want to say, I am a big fan of Redwood Radio! I have been listening to your broadcast with mister Ivan Bernarus and found it so very very inspiring. He must be a strong man to carry logs and win competitions! I am a hunter mostly spending too much time by myself in the wilderness, and having something to listen to really helps in the lonely moments! I don't have much to give but if I can ever donate any fresh meat and freshly caught fish I would be glad to! Well, that is all!

Your number one fan Rado is hanging up the telephone now!


*Noise of Rado mumbling to himself while pushing a bunch of wrong buttons on his radio before finally achieving to switch it off*

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*Jan is sitting in at his desk and turnes on the radio scanner. After a while he hears some truely delightful words and decides to respond.*

''Thanks for the kind words. We are just doing our best to get interesting things on both the airwaves and paper. Hopefully there is more people like you out there
that are enjoying what we are doing. Words like yours just gives us reason to continue!

Thanks again and stay tuned for the next one.
Delta Charlie over and out.''

*Jan turns both the scanner and broadcasting console off and hangs back in his chair with a cheerful mood*

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