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Message to Green Mountain Charity Center

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*Sounds of someone struggling with understanding his transmission device are broadcasted.*

*After the user pushes several wrong buttons creating a cacofonia of noise, his broken English can be heard*

Breaky breaky.... Hello?!

It is comrade Rado here, your new friend from Bulgaria!

I have been bringing several deliveries of meat and fish to feed the people, yet I think nobody was around or everyone was asleep. Mother nature has been generous to me providing plenty to eat for many good people! I also came across something special and wish to deliver this in person so ... well I hope we have a chance to talk!

Ok! That's all!

Rado is putting telephone down now!

Bye bye!

*Another concert of pushing the wrong buttons can be heard before the transmission cuts off*

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*Bela presses the PTT*

"Hello Rado.  I just wanted to let you know we appreciate your thoughts and kindness.  I also want to let you know people are at the charity now if you are nearby.*

*Bela releases the PTT*

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*A series of beeps caused by pushing random buttons precede Rado´s voice crackles over the frequency. He seems to be mumbling to himself trying to make his radio work*

Hello!? Is this thing working? Well I hope so. 

It's comrade Rado here, hope everything is well. I am worried about the girl, any news about her yet? Those heavily armed men spooked me, I told her to run while I distracted them... All my fault! I am continuing east in the direction she ran, hoping to find her. So erh... I better continue now! 

Putting telephone down! Bye bye!

*The transmission cuts off*

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