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Ban appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 


Why the verdict is not fair: Firstly i will admit to at least one of the bans, i did exit the game within less then 30 min but it wasn't personal  choice my game had crashed and as you know ques do get quite high around the time that this situation happened. I was on a roof in grashino kinda of a weird place to log if i was trying to combat log but anyways. The other ban the kos wasn't intentional at all, firstly i did say i was going to make an effort to enter the locked bathroom which was locked. in that case i did not have any lock pick, there fore i decided to shoot the door unlocking it unfortunately killing one of the victims. this wasn't my intention as stated before i was friendly. THE whole point was planning on holding them up to teach them a lesson about attitude and how they speak to ppl.

I also stated after clearing the oncoming zombies and going back to the now unlocked door once i opened it, "oh no your friend is dead" meaning ooops that didnt mean to happen.... 

then lastly the bad rp ban/ i did yes strip the hostage of gear, but it was only for my safety as i was trying to leave afterwards, i did not take much just two toxic cure sticks and a single piece of meat. I told the hostage victim to walk towards the airfield till i had left. i never intended on leaving her to die as i did know that it is against thee rules to leave your hostage for dead. Personally if that had happened to me i would completely understand and as said would have returned to my gear once "the attacker" was gone. what i am saying is if i had taken all the gear then yes she would be left for dead but i did leave basically everything she needed and never said that she couldn't go back infact stating only to walk away from me till i was gone assuming that she understood what i meant.  

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: FIRSTLY: they initiated with bad rp not responding to my in game communication, this lead to me ooc in chat as u can see in logs then getting a reply finally. secondly: i am fairly new to the game and everything that has happened i would have been fine with me if had happened to me i get it that rules are in place for a reason and so people enjoy there time on the server but if a new member is going to get banned for something that honestly wasn't intentional rule breaking then thats kind of shitty. since then the server got a roll back so both the victims were indeed not dead and still completely alive with even the little gear i had taken. Thirdly i feel like its hard to pick a side and see point of views when most of my rp was through in game coms and not text chat, i got reported also a few hours later and have trouble remembering exactly what was said as most people would. i feel like my initiation was justified and even if i did kos by accident feel  as if the ban is a little long. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: i would either like to have a 1 on 1 with a admin or the person who approved my ban so i can explain myself better with words, also maybe reduce the ban or even just give me a warning as i am new and willing to continue to expand within this community. i really feel like this issue pinned me in the very wrong but honestly wasn't my intention and truly feel unfair, there has been more incidences that i have seen where rp is poor and people have been kos and still no reports because accidents do happen. Anyways if u can pls read what i have said and reply and give me a chance to explain my self better and or just give me a warning i would much appreciate it.  

What could you have done better?: been more clear with my words and explanation and maybe recorded my point of view.I also have recently before the ban which was a day after the incident have been playing with some very good rp players observing and learning to better my skills with this game. i was just starting to get along with people and getting people to know me and its just feels like i was giving little to no chance ? to further my experiences. anyways hopefully we can communicate and or solve this on equal terms thankyou 

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Hello @s8tanity,

A separate team of Game Masters have reviewed this appeal, and have come to the conclusion to deny it.

In order for a kill to be an invalid kill, intention does not matter. It just matters if you did it or not, which you did. You knew there was people in the room and you fired blindly through a door into the room, resulting in the death of one of them. This is an invalid kill, therefor the punishment will stand.

Whether you took everything from the hostage or not is irrelevant, you deprived the hostage of every article of clothing and even their shoes, which resulted in their feet getting cut and starting to bleed and their death as you left them with nothing with which to save themselves or survive. It does not matter that you left it behind on the ground, no hostage should ever be expected to go back to the area their captor told them to leave as they are then considered non compliant and risk being shot.

What they did was not an initiation based on the POVs in the report. We do not apply our bans based on gear loss, it is based on whether the rules were broken. We would encourage you to start recording, as video evidence will help the staff team to wade through the confusion of conflicting POVs. We encourage you to take this time off to refresh yourself on the rules.

With that said;

Appeal Denied.

Signed: @Rover, @Conor

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