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So, I'm 99% sure this is explained somewhere and I'm absolutely an idiot for being unable to find it, but!

I was just curious how the warning point system works. Not for any particular reason; I'm just wondering what different amount of warning points mean and stuff like that, 'cause I'm not too sure. I'm fortunate enough not to have any, but I don't really know what it means to get them, so it seemed worth clarifying. Thanks!

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Warning points are issued as punishment for breaking any rules, either in-game or on the forums.  The staff team reviews the rule break and agrees on a punishment based on the severity, that punishment being warning points.  Typically, forum based rulebreaks are 3-5 points, but variations can be seen depending on the case.

In-game rule breaks are reported through our report section, and the amount of warning points someone would receive for reported rule breaks typically follows this outline.

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I guess I'm more asking what the warning points do, mostly? Do a certain amount result in anything, or are they more just an indication of wrongdoing?

EDIT: Assuming bans are a separate thing, but maybe I'm wrong there and warning points just result in a ban-- I think that's what you mean, actually, I'm dumb.

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If you get 30 or more points, you are permanently banned from the community. 

Also earning more points than the standard punishment indicates an aggravation of said rule break, just like in your case of your last report. 

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