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Ryan Dudley's Journal

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*Ryan clicks his pen open and begins to nibble on the end* 


November 2nd, 2019 

Mhhhh, well its been 845 days since the Virus (VX-DRDT2) has swept though the world faster then the bubonic plague, this is singly the most dangerous outbreak in the world so far it seems like there is no cure to this virus i have seen friends turn to these mindless creatures we call zombies but it  leads me to think is there more in this world is zombies are real are those stories true i heard as a kid stories of vampires and demons and werewolf's its hard to tell anymore my reasonably side wants me to think its just the outbreak turning these people into mindless monsters but my religious side wants to believe in more. The virus (VX-DRDT2) CLEARLY states its a virus even the CDC proved it (Virus Xero - Drug Resistant Disease Toxicity 2) all that meaning Virus Xero= never before seen in nature, Drug Resistant= There is no known cure, Disease= doesn't go away till their is a cure, and Toxicity 2= can be spread through airborne  pathogens and by the transfer of bodily fluids / bites or scratches. I have heard rumors of a cure for the toxic airborne side pathogens up north called the toxic cure i have yet to get my hands on any to do testing i have still been looking for some nor do i know how made it and what the side effects are all i know is it cures (VX-DRDT2) but only airborne sides of it not the transfer of bodily fluids /bites or scratches maybe. Maybe this may be the solve or answer to our questions to end this disaster. -Signed Ryan Dudley      


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