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Mitelus Morion

Deer Isle: Searching for Dmitri and Nikolai

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* tunes the radio to frequency *

Dmitri, Nikolai, can you hear me? This is Retry, from the other day. I came by your place today and the walls are gone. Please get in touch with me. 

* after a brief pause *

I think I know where to get more vodka! Over and out.

* radio goes silent *

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*Flicking through the frequencies, Wulf hears this broadcast loud and clear*

*Holds PTT, a Gruff Cockney accent ensues*

"Ello ello. Mr Wulf heyah."

*Pauses for a second to puff his cigarette*

"I jast overheard ya broadcast and I'l confess, i have no facking ideyah who, or where those rushky geezers are at..."

*Puffs cigarette again*

"You mentioned vodkah in a way that intrigues me, we should do business on the topic. Now if that intrigues yah, cry Wulf on this frequency I'l be listening."

*Releases PTT, and returns to renovating the pub*

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