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Looking for work.

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Sorting through his ruck sitting against a window-sill in the middle of the night, the faint sizzling of food in his camping stove next to him, he's spent the past few minutes flicking through channels on his transceiver. He stops on a channel.

He clears his throat, takes a deep breath in and out, and holds down the PTT button. 

Speaking with a soft, toneless whisper, his voice is almost indifferentiated from background static, making it easy to miss.

"... Uh, good evening, whoever is out there, and happens to hear this."

He pauses for a moment, somewhat disturbed by the sound of his "speaking voice", something he hasn't used in a while.

"If anyone needs a courier of the sorts, get back to me on this channel."

He releases the PTT button, sighing and resting his head back against the wall, setting the transceiver down beside him.

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* She'd push down on her PTT *

"Hello. I might have some work available for you. Ill contact you in a little on a more secure frequency. "


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He holds down the PTT. The crunching sound of gravel between his feet is heard starkly over his voice as he walks. Still whispering, his voice is hoarser this time.

"If you're still on this channel, I'll be cycling through channels as much as I can until I find the frequency you're on." (Discord: Trooper #1005)

He releases the PTT button, continuing to walk while also now cycling through frequencies, waiting in 30 second intervals on each frequency.



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