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John Sundbergs Diary

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(I will keep writing along with my IC progress, but I’ll happily accept and read comments in between, if there is any.  ?

Day 1: I’ve never been a diary type of man, but when you stumble upon a blank book in these times, I figure why not? What’s worth spending your evenings on if not writing about my travels. Perhaps someone else finds this after my death, hell, perhaps even after this crazy world has come to an end, for better or worse. In any case. I’ve settled down in Severograd for the moment, scavenging what supplies I could find. I stumbled upon a survivor held up in what I think was a school earlier. He was not much interested in talking, but I imagine he’s been reinforcing the place for weeks. I certainly would have wanted to spend the night there, safely, but I suppose I understand why he doesn’t just let anyone in, not these days. 



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Day 2: I just arrived in Grishino. It’s still bright outside, but I really needed to rest. I found a car outside a house on my way here, tried to get the damned thing going but in vain. I’m not a mechanic myself, and I’ve got no idea of why it didn’t start up. I’ve heard rumors of a small military camp close by, and I figured it would’ve gone quicker with a car, but no. I could use the walking anyway, I suppose. 


It’s evening now. I’ve taken what i could use and find over at the military camp, and I certainly feel much safer now. I found a nice rifle, though it’s more advanced than what I used to hunt with in the past. Meanwhile I stumbled upon three men scavenging the very same camp. We traded a few words but were interrupted by one of those.. Biters. Walkers. Rabid undead? I’m not sure what to call them anymore. It managed to scratch my arm, but the three men quickly bandaged me up, thankfully. One of them had a hoarse voice, sounded very old, but I could not see his face due to a gas-mask covering it entirely. We parted ways not long after that, and I headed towards the woods to find a place to spend the night, but not only did I find a place to sleep, but an entire compound filled with valuable supplies I could use. I stumbled upon a man called Hank too, a friendly man. Gave him some water and we spoke for a time until we too parted ways. I can’t stand being alone any longer. It’s draining my sanity, slowly but surely. 

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