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Server time (UTC): 2021-12-08 22:32

KOS In cherno.


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Server and location: Chernarus and north of cherno

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Not sure.

Your in game name: Joshua Speirs

Names of allies involved: @CraigTheGuy

Name of suspect/s: not sure.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A.

Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend craig heard shots coming from the north side of cherno as we were walking back from nedezdhino, so we ran to them and saw loads of infected outside of an apartment, we cleared out the infected to be nice and help because thats the characters we are, and asked if anyone was home several times and got no answer, so we entered the apartment with good intention and kept frosty due to all the shots before which wasnt us, and we heard someone so i said hello again and asked if they were on the rooftop, they said maybe and so i went to the top floor and said to them my gun is away, they said something about gun in backpack which it already is and i said to them "Im gonna climb the ladder" because we had cleared all the infected and wanted to speak to them to say hi and offer if they needed help, i had only just gotten to the top and the animation for getting off the ladder was about to start when boom, im dead. i was given no warning or anything, nobody said anything like "If you come up we will shoot" or anything like that, there was two guys and the guy was camping the ladder and shot me as soon as he saw me, no hesitation or anything. and theres no way i could've been mistaken for infected or anything (thats if they can climb ladders) because i made it clear i was about to come up.

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Connection Logs:

13:54:07 | Player "Joshua Speirs" is connected
15:49:49 | Player "Joshua Speirs" has been disconnected

13:54:16 | Player "Chuck Craig" is connected
15:49:10 | Player "Chuck Craig" has been disconnected

13:53:52 | Player "Thrynn Derrafell" is connected
- Player is still in game -

Hit Logs:

14:59:29 | Player "Joshua Speirs" hit by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with AK-74 from 5.14418 meters 
14:59:29 | Player "Joshua Speirs" hit by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with AK-74 from 5.17746 meters
14:59:30 | Player "Joshua Speirs" hit by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with AK-74 from 5.35756 meters
14:59:30 | Player "Joshua Speirs" hit by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with AK-74 from 5.49519 meters 

Kill Logs:

14:59:29 | Player "Joshua Speirs" (DEAD) killed by Player "Thrynn Derrafell" with AK-74 from 5.14418 meters

Calling In:
@speirs | Joshua Speirs | POSTED

@CraigTheGuy | Chuck Craig | POSTED

@Thrynn | Thrynn Derrafell | POSTED

@Nonplayer | Zikmund Svec | POSTED

For a FULL and DETAILED POV and any unedited VIDEO EVIDENCE you have.

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Thrynn Derrafell here, and that's my POV: Me and @Nonplayer aka Zikmund Svec were on the roof of an Apartment at Cherno. We both were shooting at the Blowtorch, curious if it will blow up or not, suddenly we heard shots coming from the direction of Road nearby. We decided to stay low on the roof, then we seen two people approaching with their guns out, they began to shoot at the infected, but not only, one of them aimed at the roof top several times, shot towards it once in my direction. Then, these two men approached the building, one of them said: Anyone that's in the building, put your weapons away.    Then, after a moment same person told: We are entering.         When they began to search the building I began to speak to them, that they can take the Garden Pots and go away, also telling them to keep the weapons on their backs, meanwhile Zikmund also told them to not climb onto the roof, after he told this I told the same. Afterwards suddenly, one of them approached the Ladder, I told loud and clearly: Do not climb or I will shoot you, I repeated this at least three times when one of them was climbing onto the roof, when he reached the top I shot him. After he got shot, I instantly informed other man that I didnt want to do it, but this man forced me to do this climbing, I allowed him to collect that equipment of man that got shot and to go away without harm.

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no no no see that's where you're wrong, we heard gunshots and decided to follow it and saw loads of infected at at the bottom on an apartment which is yours, so we went across the street and killed all of them, so we had no way of aiming up and shooting towards you at all... we entered the building and @CraigTheGuymentioned that there was gardening equipment and i said if nobody is here we should take it because we need it, then we proceeded to check from room to room till eventually you said something about the pots, where we replied "Dont worry we're friendly, we would only take them if nobody is here but they're obviously yours", then i said to you that im going to climb the ladder because i wanted to come up and see if you were okay and if you needed anything, not once did you say anything about not coming up or ill be shot at all, i asked if you were on the roof and you said maybe so i started to climb and ur friend said last second something like "you shouldnt" but i was already at the top and boom i was dead.

There's no way we would've hit you neither because on the way over when we could hear you and your friend just emptying your mags on the rooftop, me and crag shot DIRECTLY up as some sort of reply to try and pinpoint where you were if you needed help.

i said hello many times and talked openly in voice to craig for a good min or so untill we entered the building but you and your friend did not say a peep. searched room to room and i was eventually at the top below the ladders and it goes from there.

You never once said anything close to "If you climb ill shoot you", you were speaking the whole time and i could hear your discord notifications in the background as i was speaking to you asking if you were alright and how i was calmly explaining that my weapon is away and im gonna climb up and that im friendly. 

also when i was climbing you could visibly see that i posed no threat because i had no weapons on my back apart from an axe, and my m4a1 was in my bag as it always is.

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@speirs & @Thrynn, do either have you have video evidence of this situation?

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I do not, i dont have any recording software on my pc at the moment.

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Calling in @Nonplayer to provide their full, detailed point of view, as well as any video evidence they may have.

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My POV: Me and @Thrynn were on a rooftop practicing our shooting skills, when we saw men approaching us from afar with their guns out. One of the men have pointed a gun towards the apartment and its roof, shooting once toward my friend @Thrynn. The said men after that started to clear out the apartment and stated to who ever is inside the apartmant put your guns away, this has even further alerted us that the men may be here with ill intent. After their statement to put our guns away my friend started to talk to them and told them to take the gardening pots and go away. They have not listened to that and they insisted of coming upstairs to talk to us. This was very alarming to us and I said that I don't want them to come up on the roof top. The same was said by my friend @Thrynn. The men completely ignored our commands and one of them started the process of climbing on the roof. The climbing man was swiftly commanded by @Thrynn to stop climbing on the roof or he will be shot. This was clearly said at least three times so the man could react to our commands. The man failed to comply with our demand and got shot by @Thrynn. We clearly didn't want to do this so we let his friend to climb on the roof and collect his friends items. After collecting his friends items the other man leaves and shortly after we do.

Also I do not have any recording of this event. Furthermore the said men may have broken the NVFL rule as they went towards our shots clearly not valueing their lives. 

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  • Community Manager

As @CraigTheGuy has not responded to this report he will be temporarily banned until he does so. Failure to respond within 24 hours will make him banned until he can appeal it.

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I've been busy my apologies.

What Speirs has said is pretty much exactly what happened but I can give my rendition. We were running through the area when we heard shots, and Speirs had shot into the air as a means of communication to see if they needed help. we heard more shots so we approached and cleared out the walkers on the streets around where we heard the gun shots (never having aimed up at any roof, again as a means of signaling ourselves and trying to communicate. Speirs did not aim his gun at a rooftop and the fact that's being mentioned is strange to me, seeing as it simply did not occur). We then hadn't found much so we went looking for them in the large apt buildings hoping to find someone and offer help. As we were searching the building for them having basic conversation asking if anyone was there and having that talk about the box planters. It was only when we had reached the top floor that we were made aware of their presence. They told us something like "you guys can take the planters. go away." and we had mentioned something along the lines of " no no its ok we were just wondering if you needed help!" and they told us they were fine and for us to leave. Afterwards we had made it known that our weapons were away and not even on our backs, and told them we would come up, as to rp with them if they needed help supplies or anything. As Speirs reached the top of the ladder, it was then they had simply shot him in the head as he came up.

Now, as a new player, having read the rules extensively and experiencing this, I know for a fact we did not break a rule by running toward a set of gunshots as I feel I shouldn't just expect to get RDMed or killed randomly. I can assure you I have valued my life as I would were this real and I've made it a part of my character to be helpful to survivors any way possible. Anyways, Speirs and I had just wanted some interaction as cherno was seemingly empty for awhile and we took it upon ourselves to try to help. Therefore, we had only come to help and Speirs got shot in the head for climbing a ladder he was never told he'd be shot if he had gone up. While the men told us to go away, we made it clear, and very clear at that, that we meant NO harm and were NO danger. they told us to leave but never once said "...or you will be shot", or "...put your hands up" or any other means of proper initiation. While I do not personally know Speirs OOC, or anyone here for that matter, I hope this sheds light on the situation as it happened. 

"There's no way we would've hit you neither because on the way over when we could hear you and your friend just emptying your mags on the rooftop, me and crag shot DIRECTLY up as some sort of reply to try and pinpoint where you were if you needed help."

I just want it to be clear this is a fact and we had no intention of harm and purely wanted to rp and help, as per what we said in the IG voice chat, telling them "we are here to help" etc. I also have no video footage of the event but I will start using OBS as of now to help protect myself in these unexpected instances. I would also like to note that I did not harm them even prior to the shooting of Joshua as I knew this would be an issue and did not want to complicate it. 

- hope this helps! Thanks!

- CraigTheGuy


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Thank you @CraigTheGuy your temp ban has been removed.

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@Thrynn - Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - INCONCLUSIVE


Due to the lack of evidence shown in the report and the conflicting POVs we have no choice but to judge this as inconclusive due to word versus word.

I will however make a few suggestions regarding situations which require you to kill another player.

When initiating on another player always make sure that the other player can hear your initiation. Make sure your voice is set to the right level in game, you can do this by checking how many bars your voice has when pushing your hotkey for it.

When entering an area where you hear shots always be careful with your actions, as this could lead to NVFL and the end of your character. Act accordingly and realistically to each situation, and don't run into a firefight with your guns out.

Unfortunately it is impossible for us to know what happened in this particular case, and therefore we will just have to close it as it is.

In the future keep in mind that having a good video recording software is very important when you are reporting a rule break, as it sometimes is the evidence that is necessary for the staff team to judge the case. I suggest either Shadowplay if you have an Nvidia graphics card, or Plays.tv.

WIth that said


@Thrynn - Invalid Kill (roleplayed) - NO PUNISHMENT, INCONCLUSIVE

Signed @Hofer & @Rover

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