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Potential KoS - Dubrovka - 2019/11/02, 06:00


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Server and location: Server 1 - Dubrovka 

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019/11/02, around 06:00

Your in game name: Maisie Tiles

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name of suspect/s: N/A

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Kill log

Detailed description of the events: I had just respawned after dying, and ran to Dubrovka. Went inside the green house near the bridge/water fountian for a minute. Walked out and within 10 seconds my character fell to the ground and died. There was nothing to indicate that I would die from any other reason (eg: Healthy vitals) but another player. 
Please close report if this is found to be a bug. 

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Connection Logs:

05:49:25 | Player "Maisie Tiles" is connected
06:04:26 | Player "Maisie Tiles" has been disconnected

05:28:49 | Player "Chris Ferris" is connected
09:29:39 | Player "Chris Ferris" has been disconnected

Hit Logs:

05:57:57 | Player "Maisie Tiles" hit by Player "Chris Ferris" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 32.116 meters

Kill Logs:

05:57:57 | Player "Maisie Tiles" (DEAD) killed by Player "Chris Ferris" with Mosin Nagant 1930 from 32.116 meters 

Calling in:

@Encaenia | Maisie Tiles | POSTED

@phulekiller | Chris Ferris | POSTED

For their FULL and DETAILED POV and any un-edited VIDEO EVIDENCE they have.

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@phulekiller will be temp banned until he provides his full and detailed POV and any un-edited video evidence he has.

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I saw the player  on a bridge, I said do not move and put your hands up, they started to run,  I said fucking stop!  The player got about 40 meters away I took  the shot.  After I indicated not to move and they ran, I feared the person was running to a group or a friend and were going to double back.


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Thank you for your POV, @phulekiller, your temp ban will be lifted. 

Do you have any video or picture evidence that may show how far you were from @Encaenia when you initiated?  How far do you believe you were from them before they started running?

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Sorry I do not have any pics or videos,  I was no more than 15 meters away.  At first I thought the person was a zombie they were moving slow, so I got closer and they crouched facing away from me.  Then I knew it was not a zombie, I drew my weapon got closer and verbally engaged, they then ran away from the bridge.

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 In the chance of initiation, he would've had to of made it both clear and unambigious and I heard no voice whatsoever come up over comms only zombie sounds to the left of me.

I value my characters life to the point where I wouldn't just run if people began blasting demands during a hostile action. As I was a fresh spawn with absolutely nothing on me, I had no chance of survival in this instance. If he really wanted to hold me up, he should've made proper contact first. He should've attempted to RP with me and go from there instead of running in guns blazing. Why would he not run after me to attempt RP after realising my behaviour showed that I had not heard his demands? Where is the RP prioritisation in this scenario? 

Appears like rule play to me. 

Is it possible to post position logs for an entire 10-minute span surrounding this event? I am positive accused wasn't within talking distance, and/or he took this chance to KoS with no RP intention.

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Position Logs:

05:57:55 | Player "Chris Ferris" (pos=<10465.6, 9828.0, 113.3>)
05:57:55 | Player "Maisie Tiles" (pos=<10485.7, 9844.0, 111.7>)

Our position logs update every 5 minutes. The above logs show positions 2 seconds before the shot was fired.


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@Encaenia was inside of a house in Dubrovka whilst @phulekiller waited nearby.  As Encaenia leaves the house, point of views conflict, as phulekiller claims he initiated on and killed Encaenia for noncompliance, while Encaenia claims none of this happened and they were killed on sight.  Due to the lack of video evidence and the conflicts in the point of views from each party, we can not verify the validity of either claims, leaving the claims of an invalid kill inconclusive.

We'd like to issue a reminder to all community members to always record when possible.  With programs like Shadowplay and plays.tv available, we strongly recommend keeping video evidence of any encounter you plan to report.

@phulekiller - Invalid kill (on sight) - Inconclusive, no action taken.

Signed by @Peril & @Hofer


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