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Temp Ban Please Help Paul Bunyun

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Hey Guys, Sorry I couldn't respond to the post I was tagged in and notified of my temp ban for not responding in the post. Im not sure what it is that i did to get temp banned as ive been safe guarding the Hero Base on the Deer Isle server and I read through all the posts and I wasn't online when this incident was happening. I noticed someone at the base from my POV they spawned into the base because the base was locked from the inside out. Started a fire and i asked what he was doing and he told me he was cooking some food from the tents at the base. I wasnt aware that he was burning any supplies. It was about 4am or so my time and i had to get up to go to my college class at 10 am. I told him about herb to owns the base alittle about paul bunyun(my character)  and i logged shortly afterwards. If i had known what he was doing i wouldve tried to inform someone who owns the base. How long will i be temp banned for? 


If theres anything i can do to help please let me know but i wasn't involved in this incident. The guys who own the hero base near stonington know that ive been careful and watching/making scavenger runs for their base.


EDIT: I cannot respond in the forum because the original post forum has been locked where else can I provide my POV.

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It seems that you have been temp banned for not providing your POV for a report. Check your forum notifications to find out which report you have been called into and then respond to said report with your full and detailed POV. If you were not involved in the situation then you will have to let the Gamemaster team know in that specific report thread. Unfortunately this is the only way to get your temp ban removed.


Greetings again,

After looking into this further, it seems that you missed the deadline to provide your POV within the report. Therefore you are required to create an appeal (make sure that you use the appeal template, which can be found in the appeals sub forum) that includes your full and detailed POV, alongside any video evidence you have. For more details on the whole situation check out the report linked below as this is the report that you were called into.


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